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Internal Squabbling

I held a meeting this morning with my campaign team.  It was supposed to be brief, but there seems to be friction in what direction the campaign should go.  I finally got to meet my running mate met Albee Thayer today.  Although he is an ass, he would still be a better vice-president than either Joe Biden or Paul Ryan.

The first thing the team squabbled about was how to get additional exposure.  I had suggested that Albee Thayer get his own BlogTalk Radio show, WordPress Blog, and UStream channel.  He preferred to maintain his course of writing letters to newspaper editors why Americans should vote for the Heare/Thayer ticket though none of his letters have yet to be published.

There are some on the team that suggest I start throwing money into the campaign.  I had thought about buying some ads, but Albee reminded me that most of my supporters are voting for me because I have refused to throw money into the campaign.  He said he has spent no money on my campaign but did help get some ads for Noes Toiaqui’s campaign when she ran for President of Mexico.  (The one drawback with those ads was they were in English.)

The last issue was where to hold the Election Night party.  I will be at the Legends Resort partaking in the semi-annual ” Orgies for Abstinence” awareness program.  There are only 50 days until Election Day, meaning it’s only 51 days until the 2016 Election cycle begins.


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A Sad Day for America

The Supreme Court voted today 5-4 to uphold “ObamaCare.”  To show that I am not a ranting Republican with a knee-jerk reaction to anything President Obama does, I will explain why the Republicans are also to blame for this ruling.

Do not forget that the heart and soul of “ObamaCare” came from a health care plan implemented in Massachusetts.  Their health care plan is the “brainchild” of their former governor, Mitt Romney.  Mitt Romney is a Republican.

The vote on the Supreme Court was 5-4 with the deciding vote being cast by Chief Justice John Roberts.  He was appointed to the Supreme Court by former President George W. Bush.  George W. Bush is a Republican.

The reason why it is a sad say for Americans is because this decision does NOTHING to encourage thriftiness in spending.  It doesn’t answer why it costs $20 for a Tylenol at a hospital or why everything associated with healthcare (doctors, medicine, medical equipment, hospitals, malpractice attorneys) is so expensive.  With “no insurance for me, thank you very much” no longer an option, insurance companies (the companies people say Democrats hate, but become the big winners under “Obamacare”) can raise rates because they now know that a person not carrying insurance is no longer an option.

This is why I am an independent.  The political party says one thing but always seems to set the groundwork for the exact opposite.  I don’t have to worry about leaders in my party undermining everything I believe in and they say they believe in.

My plan is the only plan that tries to tackle the costs of healthcare.  Affordable health care  means less money needed for insurance premiums and fewer taxes collected for Medicare and Medicaid.  Both “ObamaCare” and “RomneyCare” will end up costing Americans more money out of their pockets than we are currently paying.

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The Real Issues

American politicians are notorious for keeping voters engaged with issues that have nothing to do with the future of American lives.  They want to keep you preoccupied with non-issues like gay marriage and the “war” on women, but not that both parties have raised the debt and the war on people in the Middle East.  Ask your politician why he are she is avoiding these vital issues:

  • Health Care – Romney mandated health care insurance for Massachusetts.  Obama has mandated it for the other 49 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Territories.  Nobody is addressing why it costs $20 for ONE Tylenol in a hospital when you can get 100 for under $10 in many supermarkets and department stores.  I think America would be better served with everybody having apple trees and keeping the doctor away (and the expense of going to the doctor.)
  • Jobs – Romney created a bunch of minimum-wage jobs for Staples.  Obama created jobs for green companies that would eventually go bankrupt and lay everybody off.  My plan would create jobs by giving bailout to companies who don’t need it so they can hire more people and pay the workers they already have more money.  It would also bail out companies that no longer exist by bring back all of those laid off workers back to their jobs.
  • Entertainment –  I am the only candidate who understands that Americans love to be entertained and that the price of entertainment is spiraling out of control.  No other candidate has addressed the cost of entertainment because they don’t care.

You can elect somebody like Obama, Romney, or anyone else who tells you what the issues are or you can elect someone (Ahmnodt Heare) who you tell what the issues are.  The choice is yours.

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Why America Needs My Leadership

The debt ceiling is expected to be reached on Monday as the federal government continues to spend out of control.  Normally by now the two parties would have compromised with bad Democratic Party ideas blended with bad Republican Party ideas leaving us with a quagmire like debt ceilings.

There should be compromise.  The biggest difference between me and the professional politicians is how the compromise should take place.  Democrats want to cut military spending (or so I’m told).  Military spending can easily be cut by sending our troops home from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Germany and Japan (and other countries that have American troops in countries that aren’t American.)  Republicans are against any tax increases (especially against those poor rich people.)  I agree with them too.

By not spending $1 billion per week to fight 100 Al-Qaeda and the Taliban (a military that never posed a threat to the United States), we won’t have to tax anybody any more than they already are.  And we won’t have to raise the debt ceiling assuming we can keep a reasonable reign on the rest of the spending. (That might be too big of an assumption because I’m not President dealing with a Congress with like-minded people.)

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Me vs Them – Spending

I have stated in the past that I am a fiscal conservative.  Rather than pointing to all my examples of my fiscal conservatism in action, I will just point out the positions of some of the other candidates.

Mitt Romney – He claims to be a fiscal conservative.  But his RomneyCare (the precursor to ObamaCare) has brought a fiscal apocalypse to Massachusetts.

Newt Gingrich – Claims to have balanced the budget while Speaker of the House.  I will give him credit for cutting the deficit spending as in the U.S. government, it is Congress and not the President who sets the budget.  If you go to the GAO website and check out the budgets during that period.  The budget was never balanced.  The deficit was lowered, but there was still a deficit every year.  Spending also increased every year.  The Newtered One is not a fiscal Conservative.

Ron Paul – Wants to cut spending by 25% and abolish the income tax.  He is a fiscal conservative.

Jimmy McMillan – has pointed out on several occasions that the rent is too damned high.  I do not know his plan to lower the damned rent.

Barack Obama – He spends like a fleet of drunken sailors in a brothel.  Enough said.

None of the candidates listed above is willing to run a penniless campaign.  Many of them will spend more on their campaigns than they will raise through contributions.  I’ll spend nothing and I’ll only raise money for beer runs.  I am the most fiscally candidate running for President.

This post is part of the “Me vs. Them” series.  Come back often to see the entire series.

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Confusion Over the Budget

President Obama submitted his budget proposal today.  After all of the talk about cutting spending, the budget is still$3.7 trillion, the highest budget ever.  Where I come from, when you cut from a budget, you end up with a smaller budget.  I am baffled as to how President Obama could cut $100 billion from the budget and still end up with a larger budget.

It’s like somebody weighing 250 pounds.  This person decides that for the next year, he or she will drink diet soda instead of sugar-sweetened soda.  After a year, this person now weighs 275 lbs because he or she ate more.  Instead of telling people that he or she gained 25 lbs, this person brags that 5 pounds were lost by switching to diet soda.

This is how government works their budgets.  They will tell you that they cut the budget because less is going to be spent on education and health care.  But they don’t tell you that more money is going towards the military and for government administration costs.

Don’t be fooled by them telling you that they are cutting the budget.  All they are doing is cutting spending in programs that matter to you and fattening their own pockets.  They’re sneaking an extra slice of pizza while bragging about their diet soda.

Put down that slice and tell President Obama to come up with a better budget.  Better yet, vote for me in 2012 and I’ll do it myself.

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Deficits and the Debt

My solution is simple:  Don’t spend any more than we have in revenue.  We have been spending more than we have for too long.  I would privatize things government doesn’t have to run (Post Office, Office of Horse and Burro, and Congress)

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