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Campaigning in Europe

I will be campaigning in Europe next week.  Below is the schedule:

Monday 3/16 – London:  I will once again go to the U.S. Embassy and hold a rally for Britons to be allowed to vote for the leader of the free world.

Tuesday 3/17 – Dublin: No real campaigning, just partying with the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.  This is also my daughter Patricia’s birthday.  I am saddened that I am unable to play quarters with her for her birthday. She will turn 6.

Wednesday 3/18 – Liechtenstein:  Cross-country walk-a-thon promoting affordable entertainment to Liechtensteiners.  Unlike the United States, Liechtenstein can be walked across in less than a month.

Thursday 3/19 – Amsterdam:  I will deeply examine their prostitution system and develop a strategy to develop a similar system in the United States.

Friday 3/20 – Stockholm:  Spring Training Camp with the Swedish Bikini Team.  I’m working on a political spin for this.  If you know one, please let me know.

Saturday 3/21 – Back to the United States.


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Help Sonia Jansson!


If you find yourself in Hällefors, a little town in Örebrolän, Sweden, you must stop by Sonia Jansson’s studio and use her service.  Here are the directions to her town from Stockholm:

1. Head west on Sergels torg toward Drottninggatan
0.3 km
2. Turn right at Klara Norra kyrkogata
63 m
3. Turn left at Mäster Samuelsgatan
0.1 km
4. Turn left at Vasagatan
0.3 km
5. Slight right to merge onto Centralbron
1.1 km
6. Continue on Söderleden
1.5 km
7. Continue on Johanneshovsbron
0.7 km
8. Exit onto 226/Huddingevägen

Leaving toll zone in 0.3 km at 226/Huddingevägen
Go through 1 traffic circle
0.4 km
9. Take the ramp to Huddinge
0.5 km
10. Merge onto 73
3.4 km
11. Continue on E20/E4
27.0 km
12. Take exit 143 toward Göteborg/Södertälje
0.6 km
13. Merge onto E20

Go through 1 traffic circle
115 km
14. Take exit 121 to merge onto E18/E20 toward Lindesberg/Göteborg/Örebro/249
43.1 km
15. Take exit 115 for 50 toward Falun
0.4 km
16. Turn left at 50/68/Faluvägen

Continue to follow 50/68
Go through 3 traffic circles
20.9 km
17. Exit onto 244 toward Nora/Grythyttan/Hällefors
52.6 km
18. Slight right at 63
2.4 km
19. Turn left at Svartälvsvägen
0.3 km
20. Turn right at Rydellvägen
0.8 km
21. Slight left at Stationsvägen
0.6 km
22. Turn right at Sikforsvägen
0.2 km
23. Turn left at Hemgårdsvägen
39 m
Please help Sonia.  The stress from the economy has gotten to her.  She was trying to feed her “starving” hippo with a human baby.

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