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Subliminal Advertising

I’m usually pretty quick at picking up subliminal messages in advertising.  It seems that one exception to the rule is when the subliminal message is about me.  This is why I am pleased with the latest Subway commercial.

An office worker has a Subway sandwich.  His co-workers sees him and start chasing him.  He ducks into an office and closes the door behind him.  He leans on the door to stop the co-workers from coming in.

At the 12-second mark,  he says “Ahmnodt Heare” and looks at the sandwich.  This is Subway’s was of saying that I am a hero and would be the best candidate for President.

I would like to thank Subway for their support.


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Subliminal Endorsement

NOTE TO MEDIA:  I will be available for interviews starting tomorrow at 9:30AM Eastern.

I usually do not like people who try to do subliminal messages.  This is why I have the utmost respect for Tom DeLay putting his neck out on the line endorsing me last year.

I understand why Sarah Palin  could not endorse me verbally at the Tea Party convention last night.  It would seem awkward if after she was paid $100,000 to speak to a group and openly endorsed somebody who didn’t belong to the group.  Pictures from The Mudflats

While Sarah Palin was talking about conservative values, she held her hand open and people could see scribble on her hand.

A closeup of her hand shows what she really wanted to say at the convention.

I would like to thank former Governor Palin for continuing to be mavericky and to covertly get the message out.

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I reached my 40,000th supporter the other day.  I would have mentioned this sooner, but I have been busy.  Below are some of the possible reasons in the spike of supporters in recent days:

  • Saguache County Support Base Swells upon my Arrival – I doubt this is the case because the percentage of people who were happy I am in Saguache County is no higher than the percentage of people who voted for me.
  • Obama Supporters are Weary of Obama – While I have seen people who voted for President Obama become critical of his health care plan, I have seen none of his supporters advocating mine.
  • McCain supporters See no Future for Republican Party –  Republicans seem to be like a punch-drunk spouse.  No matter how many times Republicans say they will cut spending and never do, the flock of grassroots Republicans believe they will cut spending the next time.
  • People are Bored – If that was the case, I’d have 40,000,000 supporters by now.
  • Subliminal Messages – I don’t know how to do that.  Besides, I believe in a more overt approach.  “VOTE FOR AHMNODT HEARE!”

While I figure out the reasons for the unexpected spike in supportership, I would like to thank everybody for supporting me.  Election Day is only 38 months away.

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