Ahmnodt Heare for President

Ahmnodt Heare For America… Ahmnodt Heare For You.

Subliminal Advertising

I’m usually pretty quick at picking up subliminal messages in advertising.  It seems that one exception to the rule is when the subliminal message is about me.  This is why I am pleased with the latest Subway commercial.

An office worker has a Subway sandwich.  His co-workers sees him and start chasing him.  He ducks into an office and closes the door behind him.  He leans on the door to stop the co-workers from coming in.

At the 12-second mark,  he says “Ahmnodt Heare” and looks at the sandwich.  This is Subway’s was of saying that I am a hero and would be the best candidate for President.

I would like to thank Subway for their support.

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How Obama has Inspired Me

Watching President-elect Obama do his tour de Force on an Amtrak has inspired me to get my message out.  I will go to New York City and take the train from Penn Station to Spring Street and spread the word about my campaign for President and the CineMafia.

I will bring quarters and give the homeless the change they need.  I will meet people on the verge of suicide and help them.  I will give hope for America.

If this becomes successful, I will spread the message in subways in Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, and Beverly Hills.

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