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Should I Boycott the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is a time-honored tradition of pageantry and exciting football action.  It is also the traditional debut for many commercials.  Some of them over the years have been humorous (like the  Budweiser Frogs) while others have been informative.

Unfortunately, some of these commercials will be dedicated to exalting the Cinemafia and the movies they will be spewing in the months to come.  Let’s not forget how many millions of dollars are being spent on a thirty-second commercial.  These millions of dollars spent will be recouped in the high price of seeing a movie and the high price the cinemafia charges for Sno-Caps and Sprite.

The question I pose to you fine people is this:  Should I take a stand and boycott the Super Bowl or should I watch the game and note the movies and organize the boycott of those movies?  Please take the poll and leave a reply in the comments section.


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For Anybody Attending the Super Bowl

If you are attending the Super Bowl this Sunday, please have a sign that the television cameras can easily see.  I would recommend trying to get an end zone seat between the goal posts.  The sign should be like the picture below:

I should point out a couple of things about this picture though.  First off, the Philadelphia Eagles are not in the Super Bowl.  It is advised not to wear Eagles attire at the game.  The second point is that the game is in Miami.  The weather in Miami is too warm to be wearing jackets, gloves, and ski caps.  A shirt, a pair of shoes, and pants should be all you need.

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Super Bowl XLIV Prediction

Conference Championships: 0-2  Season: 5-5

I did pick the Saints to win, but I also picked them to cover (which they did not do).  This Super Bowl will make or break my post season, as I am currently at .500.

New Orleans Saints 15-3 (+5) vs. Indianapolis Colts  (16-2) at Miami

What I use as an indicator on who is going to win the Super Bowl is how the two teams fared against the Washington Redskins.  The Colts did not play the Redskins, but the Saints did.  The Saints looked horrible defensively, allowing the Bingo-calling offense of the Redskins to score 30 points.  Unfortunately, the Saints scored 33 points against a pretty good (despite the 4-12 record) defense.  The Redskins led by 10 points twice in the game (including in the fourth quarter), but the Saints’ offensive was too explosive.

People will point out that both teams have high-powered offensive and under appreciated, but very good defenses.  Any team that gives up 30 points to an offense as anemic as the Redskins has serious flaws.

Take the Colts and give the points.

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