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2012 in Review – January

January was a busy month for the campaign.  Debates, primaries, and caucuses dominated the month.  We learned what santorum is and hope it’s not on the carpet.  A supporter decided to come up with a definition for ahmnodt before someone from an opposing campaign did.

I learned about blowback during the New Hampshire primary.  I would have won Dixville Notch if I didn’t try to dump off Celine Dion CDs on the fine people there.  It also showed that I was once again a trendsetter in politics.

NBC had embeds for other candidates; but as part of the conspiracy to make sure I was not elected, I did not get an embed to give updates for my campaign.  The month ended with a rare correct prediction about football.

2012 came off to a good start (aside from the primaries and caucuses.)


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Nevada Shenanigans and Super Bowl Ads

This is two entries posted in one great entry!

Saturday:  (Nevada Shenanigans) – Like many Americans, I was glued to my computer and my television as the results were coming in following the Nevada Caucuses.  There were some odd occurrences with the reporting of the results.  The ones I noticed were in Washoe County.  There were other oddities in Clark County (Las Vegas) that had to do with vote totals as well as locking voters from allowing to caucus.  Below is what I posted on Facebook Saturday night:

Weird stuff happening with the Nevada caucuses and it all evolves around the Newtered One. Washoe County went from 41-20% Romney over Gingrich to 39-21 Gingrich over Romney. The AP was resulting that Gingrich was leading Paul in total votes 1900-1800. A few minutes later, it was 2200-1200.

I didn’t get too much information as it was happening with Clark County because I had gone to bed before it was reported.  Here is a link to a video of what is believed to be Clark County officials counting votes.

Sunday: (Super Bowl Ads) – The New York Giants might have won the Super Bowl and they might have beaten the New England Patriots twice, but I can take comfort that they lost to the Washington Redskins TWICE!  The thing I found disturbing was all of the commercials for movies that will not be released until sometime between March and Memorial Day.  Some of the movies had yet to be rated by the Cinemafia Motion Picture Association of America.  All of those movie ads at $3.5 million per ad adds up to what promises to be increased prices in movie tickets and concessions.

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2012 (You Heard It Here First)

2012 will be a worse year than 2011 for many people.  It can be a great year for you if you have a little insight.  I shall try my best to provide that impact.  I know who will win the general election in 2012, but will not post it because I still want you to go vote (for me) on Election Day.

Unemployment will rise again in 2012.  Now is a good time to start planning a self-proprietorship.  I am the only candidate with a viable jobs program, but even my plan will take some time before the unemployed will reap the benefits of having a job.

Crime will increase.  This is not because we are becoming bad people, but because almost everything will be a crime.  In fact, you no longer have to be charged with a crime to be detained.  You could someday be arrested for reading this blog.  (Don’t worry, I will pardon you for reading this blog once I take office.)

Super Bowl XLVI – If you ignore my predictions throughout the year on my other blog as well as the 2011 season predictions, then you are for the most part better off.  I will stand by my prediction of a Detroit Lions – Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl.

More evidence will surface of the claims I have made against the Cinemafia and Canadian spy Justin Bieber.  The campaign teams of the candidates for president will scour through this blog for ideas to boost their campaign chances.  (And I will expose them for the copycats that they are.)

This has nothing to do with predictions, but I need a place to say this.  Gooogling “Ahmnodt” isn’t nearly as offensive as Googling “Santorum.” That, and I am less offensive than him as well.

Have a happy, safe, prosperous, (insert perky adjective here) New Year!

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NFL Year in Preview

Before I make my predictions for the year, I would like to say that the weekly predictions will not be posted here this year.  The weekly picks will be made every Thursday on my other blog.  You can follow the picks every week by clicking here:

AFC East: 

NY Jets

New England



AFC North:





AFC South:





AFC West


San Diego


Kansas City


NFC East




NY Giants


NFC North


Green Bay




NFC South


New Orleans

Tampa Bay



NFC West


St.  Louis

San Francisco


When the smoke clears, Super Bowl XLVI will be between the Baltimore Ravens (They make the playoffs as a wild card) and the Detroit Lions.  The Lions win their first Super Bowl in overtime 23-17.

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