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For Anybody Attending the Super Bowl

If you are attending the Super Bowl this Sunday, please have a sign that the television cameras can easily see.  I would recommend trying to get an end zone seat between the goal posts.  The sign should be like the picture below:

I should point out a couple of things about this picture though.  First off, the Philadelphia Eagles are not in the Super Bowl.  It is advised not to wear Eagles attire at the game.  The second point is that the game is in Miami.  The weather in Miami is too warm to be wearing jackets, gloves, and ski caps.  A shirt, a pair of shoes, and pants should be all you need.

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Another Reason Why Movies Are Expensive

There were 5 commercials for movies during the Super Bowl.  This amounts to $15 million in advertising for 2 1/2 minutes of ads.  Most of these movies won’t be in theaters for a few months.  I will forget about these movies by the time they are released unless they have more ads, which will cost more money.  If they waited until just before the release date, they could have saved $3 million per movie.

Maybe it’s not so much the Cinemafia is evil as it is stupid.  They pay Tom Cruise $31 million for every movie he appears in.  I would do 20 movies for $31 million.  The problem with the economy (aside from the Cinemafia) is that the only spending cuts companies are making are in payroll.  They are either cutting hours, pay rates, or jobs.  They still buy company t-shirts, coffee mugs and other crap that most employees don’t really care for.  They know that knick-knacks cost less than money.  As president, I would put a ban on company knick-knacks and force them to either pay more or hire more.

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Super Bowl XLIII Prediction

The two weeks between the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl is the longest two-week period of the year.  And the second week is longer than the first week.  “Media Tuesday” is the annual event where reporters get to ask the stupidest questions they can come up with.  It is an honored Super Bowl tradition.

I like the Cardinals.  I really do.  But they’re not going to win.  The Steelers will win their second Vince Lombardi trophy in four years.  The final score will be 31-20.  Troy Polamalu will be the MVP.

Update:  You can find my Super Bowl XLIV Prediction here:

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Hey, I Got One Right!

For those who who have been following my predictions on the NFL Playoffs, you know why I’m not on ESPN GameDay.  That does not stop me for making predictions.  Even a clock is correct twice a day.

I will point out that I did pick the Steelers to win last night.  The Steelers win improved my record to 2-8 in the playoffs.  I will make my highly-anticipated Super Bowl XLIII prediction on Wednesday.

Tomorrow, I will give my insight on the inauguration and offer what I ill do different when I become President in 2012.

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An Idea for the NFL

Every year following the Conference Championship Games, there is a two-week lull before the Super Bowl.  I propose a game be played the Sunday between the games.

This game would be called the “Toilet Bowl.”  The worst team in the AFC would play the worst team in the NFC.  Whoever wins the game gets the first pick in the upcoming draft.  This will prevent teams from tanking it for getting the first pick and maintain integrity in the game.

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A Day to Give Thanks

I would like to thank the Detroit Lions for their pledge to give $1000 for every win they have had so far this season.  They said they can’t continue the pledge for the rest of the season, but offered to give the campaign $1,000,000 if they win Super Bowl XLIII.

I would also like to thank everybody who has been following my campaign.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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