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Brief Poll

Today has been a busy day at the office as I met a client who has had a total of four days experience with the internet and had never had an e-mail account.  I spent the day teaching him the finer points of the internet like e-mail, social networking, and surfing the web for improtant stuff like news, business, and porn.

Tonight at 9:ooPM Eastern is a debate on NBC.  I will once again be taking to Twitter and Facebook giving how I would respond to the questions as well as giving my cutting-edge commentary on the other candidates.  I have been criticized by some people for not being hard on Ron Paul on debates.  This is mostly because he isn’t asked as many questions as the other candidates.

I want to do something different and I would appreciate your input.  My campaign is all about anyway.  The “State of the Union” address is tomorrow night.  There is a debate on Thursday night.  I want to comment live on AhmnodtTV for either the State of the Union tomorrow or the debate on Thursday.


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Relaxing Weekend

I have decided not to do any campaigning this weekend.  I probably could use the time and campaign, being that nobody knows who I am yet.  But there are reasons why I will not be campaigning this weekend.

  • My daughter will be here for the weekend.  This was a last minute decision, but it works out.  Patricia’s mother is going on a camping trip in upstate New York with some friends of her.
  • There’s some kind of “marathon” on cable TV.  There always is on Memorial Day weekend.  I don’t know which marathons are on yet, but I will probably watch it.
  • Many of the news anchors are off for the next three days.  Any mention of me in the news will be mentioned by the back-up anchor that scrubs toilets during the week.
  • It’s Memorial Day weekend.  I consider campaigning to be somewhat festive.  It’s hard being festive when the only reason why this weekend is a three-day weekend is because a lot of soldiers died.
  • I have two weeks of lost surfing to catch up on the Internet.

I will be in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Quebec campaigning next weekend.  I should be well rested and energized for the campaign trail.

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