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Back to the Airwaves

Join me on Tuesday, December 4 aat 11:00PM Eastern / 8PM Pacific (10AM December 5 in Calcutta) as I return to BlogTalk Radio with a LIVE show!  I will be talking about the failures of my 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns and discuss what needs to be done differently if I am to win in 2016.

Ahmnodt Heare makes his long awaited return to BlogTalkRadio to discuss what went wrong with the 2012 campaign as well as explain why 2016 will be better. 

I will post the number to call the day of the show.  The number is dedicated specifically to the show and you won’t be able to reach the campaign by calling that number.  You can reach the campaign (but not the show) by calling 1-507-AHMNODT.


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I can no longer afford to wait for President Obama to bring change.  It is said that if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself.  I will make the change myself.

I am about to change my radio show.  I have been on Blog Talk Radio since 2008.  They have recently made some changes that have made it hard to host a show to a large audience on my budget.  ($0.00)  This means I have to have my show late at night (Eastern time).

Tonight’s show will be at 9:30PM Eastern and will last no longer than 1/2 hour.  It may be a bit rough as I will be trying out a new switchboard as well as other stuff.

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Can’t Get Into It

The wear and tear from running for President of the United States is starting to pay its toll.  I am contemplating withdrawing my name from consideration.  My campaign has taken a number of hits in recent weeks:

  • My radio show is on hiatus as I try to find a time that is suitable for both me and my supporters.  I am no longer allowed to host a show between 7:00PM and 11:00PM.
  • When asking, “Who is Ahmnodt Heare” on answers.com, the reply that was given was, “That question is inappropriate.”  (This has since been changed to read, “Ahmnodt Heare is an Independent candidate for President.”
  • My bathroom is still leaking.  The runaround I keep getting has helped me lose five pounds.  The landlord says it’s condo management’s responsibility, The condo management says it’s the landlord’s responsibility and my neighbor says it’s “Bad karma, Man.”
  • My work schedule has been hectic.  Everybody wants stuff done now.  It’s like a lemmings mentality.  Once one person asks for my services, all the other lemmings follow and want my services.
  • Sometimes I feel like slamming the head of a person who deserves his head slammed against the wall.  This isn’t very presidential so I can’t do it.
  • I have been criticized for spending too much time campaigning in nudie bars and brothels.  Nudie bar workers are voters and deserve to hear my campaign as much as anybody else.  I haven’t been to a brothel in two years and when I do go to brothels, it is not to campaign.

I am hoping to find the resolve I will need to campaign for the next two years.

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Road Show

Ahmnodt Heare will be live from New Paltz, NY at a local cafe* discussing the issues with the local folks, He will also take calls at 347-945-7487 during the show.

*weather permitting.  Forcast for the New Paltz area for tomorrow is 4-7″ of snow before changing to sleet and freezing rain.  It is anticipated that the storm will be in the freezing rain stage during the show.  If the forecast holds true, I will not be loading my car and heading to New Paltz to talk about global warming.  Not because of how strange it would sound, but I don’t drive in freezing rain, snow, tornadoes, car washes, or fog.

If I can make it to New Paltz, the people there will make the primary choice of topics.  If I cannot make it, the callers will get to choose the topic.  If the show cannot be hosted on BlogTalk Radio due to a blackout here, the show will be held telepathically and the topic will be Family Guy.  If the show is canceled due to my being incarcerated, the telepathic show will be about the police state.  If (I hope this doesn’t happen) I pass away between now and tomorrow, the show will be telepathic, but I will be unable to host it.

Here’s (or is it Heare’s) to hoping for decent weather so I can drive to New Paltz (and back).

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Clearing my Name


There has been a lot of rumors about me floating around the Internet in recent weeks.  I will be dedicating my radio show tomorrow to clearing my name and explain the motives of the people responsible of these rumors.

Host Name: Ahmnodt Heare
Show Name:

Clearing My Name

Length: 30 min
Ahmnodt Heare’s name has been driven in the mud in recent weeks. He will tackle the allegations that his attorneys will allow and take your calls at (347) 945-7487.

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Tonight’s Show Postponed

Tonight’s show, ”The Fiasco Known as 2010″ has been postponed until Thursday at 9:00PM Eastern due to illness.  I have been sick since Sunday evening, so that would rule out “morning sickness.”  I am still in Washington and will be here until Friday morning.  I will be extremely busy next week as I make up for this week’s work on an already hectic schedule next week.  The schedule will be 8AM – Midnight next Monday and 5AM-9PM Tuesday through Saturday.

Here is the revised link for Thursday’s show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ahmnodt-heare/2010/12/31/the-fiasco-known-as-2010.

I am going back to bed.  Hopefully I will feel better later.

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Sad News

It seems my time on BlogTalk Radio will soon be coming to a close.  They will be implementing a new policy starting February 1 that will limit when I will host a show.   They will soon charge for prime-time programming and will limit how many campaign ads I can keep stored for my shows.

I could still host shows after February 1 under the following conditions:

  • Limit of one show per day. (No problem, as I only do one show per week.)
  • Limit of 30 minutes per show. (Normally not a problem, but I will not be able to do one-hour specials any more.
  • No shows between 7PM and Midnight. (Houston, we have a problem.  My show is currently at 9PM Eastern)

I am having a problem finding a time when I could continue the show.  Here is my schedule between Midnight and 7PM (The time period I will still be allowed to host a show)

  • Midnight – 6AM:  During the week I am sleeping this entire time.  On weekends, I am usually in a drunken stupor until I pass out at 2AM.
  • 6AM-9AM: During the week I watch the hotties and that nerdy anchor guy on WPIX Morning News.  I am in waking up mode.  Waking up is hard to do.
  • 9AM-12PM: Work – I am usually working during this time.  Sometimes I start earlier when I have meetings.  People who meet me in morning meetings don’t like my demeanor because I am working before having my hottie fix.
  • 12:00-12:30: Lunch.  I can’t host a talk show while chewing on food.  It is poor manners and my mother didn’t raise her son to chew food during his talk show.
  • 12:30-1:00:  Working out A sound body leads to a sound mind like mine.
  • 1:00-6:00: Work
  • 6:00-6:30: Unwinding – a beverage, some cigarettes, and glue to inhale (on those really bad days)
  • 6:30-7:00 Dinner (See “Lunch”)

Perhaps there is another avenue for me to interact with my supporters and others live when I am not on the campaign trail.  If I find one, I will announce it in a future blog entry.  (Unless this entry is being read way in the future.  If that’s the case, I probably wrote about it already.)

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