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Back on the Air


Tonight at 11:00PM Eastern

10:00PM Central

9:00PM Mountain

8:00PM Pacific

7:00PM Alaskan

5:00PM Hawaiian

12:30AM (Tuesday morning) – Newfoundland

I will give an update to my campaign as well as offer insight to what presidential candidates Obama, Romney, and Supreme are doing and why I am the only candidate worthy of your vote.  Feel free to call in during the show at 347-945-7487.  This show is scheduled to go 30 minutes.

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Back to Basics

If there was anything I learned about the Massachusetts election on Tuesday is keep things stupid.  I did some soul searching and I will unveil my 78-step plan to simplify my campaign.  If you are not doing anything tonight at 11:00PM Eastern, I will talk some of the things that have had a positive effect on my campaign on my radio show.

Back to Basics
The one thing Ahmnodt Heare has learned from Tuesday’s election in Massachusetts is that I have to do more of the simpler parts of my campaign that worked.

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My Apologies

Due to my overindulgence of Fried Rabbit for dinner, I spent a good portion of last night heaving residual dinner.  My illness made it impossible to host the radio show last night.  I am feeling better today and will be out campaigning.  Look for me in the Greensboro, NC area this week.

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