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Tax Policy and Unemployment

I believe that unemployment can be lowered by offering tax cuts to companies that hire people and increase taxes on companies that can afford to hire people but opt not to.

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Nothing to Write About

It was a slow week at work.  My work was mostly spent tracking results by looking at data tables for clients.  My work day was over 45 minutes later.  The only thing slower than my work day was the news day (as far as relevant news is concerned.)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is about to be arrested on a rape allegation in Sweden.  He is currently in England waiting to be arrested.  He is having a difficult time trying to find somebody to host WikiLeaks.  The most damaging information leaked is that American diplomats don’t like Angela Merkel’s shoes.  (Neither do I.)

Congress has yet to decide whether or not they are going to extend the tax cuts from 2001.  If they don’t do anything they will expire.  They will expire because Congress never does anything.

President Obama is in Afghanistan and not in Washington.  This is nothing new.  The last time he spent an entire week in Washington was when I was living in Washington (I lived in DC from when I was born [1973] through 2004 before moving to North Carolina.  I have spent more time in Washington this year than he has (and I live in New Jersey, am not a lobbyist, and I don’t have any clients in the nation’s Capitol.

As far as relevant news is concerned, there isn’t any.  The Cinemafia is quiet in their destruction of American culture this week.  Vanna White is still beautiful.  Justin Bieber and William Shatner are still in the United States.

I am sorry I couldn’t find anything to write about today.  Hopefully, tomorrow’s another day.


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