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Telepathic Teleconference Summary

It didn’t go as well as I thought.  There were more people teleconferencing than I had planned.  There were a couple who joined the teleconference not to ask questions, but to disrupt the meeting,  Unfortunately, they were successful.

A woman had concerns that my plan to make movies more affordable wasn’t a free market solution.  As I tried to answer her question, chants of “Ahmnodt Sucks” could be felt by those of us using telepathy.  I wasn’t able to trace the telepathetic hijackers.  I do not know if they were just a bunch of teenagers causing a ruckus or if it was Cinemafioso being hellbent on making sure I am not elected.

I will answer the lady’s question now.  While my plan is not free market, neither is the system the Cinemafia imposes now.  You can’t bring your own popcorn and soda to a movie theater.  The Cinemafia also uses the same old actors paying them millions and skyrocketing the production costs of a movie.

I will be looking at telepathy encryption options before I host another telepathy teleconference.  American’s voices deserve to be heard, even if their views suck.  The right to free speech ends when one hijacks another’s right to free speech.  I am getting a headache now as the hijackers continue to harass me, even after the teleconference has ended.  Time for me to rest.

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Campaigning Schedule Jan 25 – 30

I am not speaking to any groups this week, but I will be out campaigning to get my campaign some word-of-mouth exposure.  While this will not give my campaign the exposure that a thirty-second ad would, I will have instant results (for the most part) of the effectiveness of my campaign.

Monday 1/25: – I will be campaigning in cemeteries in the Monroe, NY and Chester, NY areas.  This will take me a while to measure the results as most of the deceased will not be able to register to vote immediately.  I will probably have to wait for a news story to appear of party leaders commenting about the spike in registered deceased voters.

1/26 – Orange County Morgue – Goshen, NY: Unlike cemeteries, these people are recently deceased and could very well be registered voters.  They will need assurance that just because they are dead, it doesn’t mean that nobody is fighting for their rights.

1/27 – Woodbury Commons, Central Valley, NY: Many of these people are still alive and are probably feeling the effects of the economy.  I will distribute copies of my economic bailout plan and explain why my bailout plan is better than bailout plans offered by either President Obama or former President Bush.

8:00 PM (Eastern) – Real-time blogging of the State of the Union Address.

1/28 – Meet Ahmnodt Heare – Planet Pizza, Monroe, NY: I will have lunch at Planet Pizza this Thursday.  I will answer questions you may have about my campaign as soon as I am finished eating.  (My mother always harps on me about talking with my mouth full, so I will not be able to answer questions while I am eating.)

1/29 – Telepathic Teleconference: I will be hosting a telepathic teleconference at Noon on Friday.  All my fellow telepathetic people are welcome to attend.

1/30 – Boycott the Cinemafia Day: I encourage everybody to do anything on Saturday except watch a movie.  This includes home, at the theather, in prison, and anywhere else.

My work week will be pretty full, but since I have a full slate of clients, I can work around my campaigning schedule.  Please attend at least one of these events.  I am looking forward to meeting you.

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