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State-by-State Polling Data

The latest poll conducted by the Telepathic Data Polling Corporation (TDPC) shows that not only am I mentioned in most states, that I am winning in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, and West Virginia.  I will need a majority of the electoral votes because the Constitution states that a candidate has to have a majority of electoral votes and that simply having the most among three or more candidates is not enough.

While the reason why people are voting for whom they are voting for was not asked in the poll, Sierra Lightpath from Thermopolis, Wyoming stated it best in a telepathic message:

“If either the Democrats’  or Republicans’ policies have worked, we’d all belong to the same party.”


If you live in one of the states where I am in a close second or third place, please tell a stranger or two about my campaign.  (Talking to friends about politics is a good way to lose friends.)  I will be spending the bulk of this week in New Jersey and Delaware and will try to find time to get to the states I am close in the polling.

The latest is a state-by-state update:

AL – Romney 35 Heare 32 Obama 32

AK – Romney 57 Obama 40 Heare 1

AR – Heare 47 Romney 32 Obama 20

AZ – Romney 45 Heare 43 Obama 8

CA – Obama 57 Romney 23 Heare 10

CT – Obama 62 Heare 20 Romney 12

CO – Heare 75 Romney 14 Obama 11

DC – Obama 92 Heare 7 Romney 1

DE – Obama 53 Heare 47 Romney 10

FL – Heare 40 Romney 30 Obama 28

GA – Heare 34 Romney 33 Obama 33

HI – Obama 61 Heare 30 Romney 10

IA – Obama 47 Romney 43 Heare 9

ID – Heare 47 Romney 27 Obama 20

IN – Heare 50 Obama 25 Romney 24

KS – Romney 80 Obama 20 Heare 20

KY – Heare 100

LA – Romney 43 Heare 40 Obama 18

MA – Obama 59 Heare 40 Romney 2 Johnson 2

MD – Obama 49 Romney 43 Heare 11

ME – Heare 48 Obama 42 Romney 14

MI – Heare 55 Obama 30 Romney 15

MN – Obama 51 Romney 47 Heare 20

MO – Romney 35 Heare 34 Obama 34

MS – Romney 58 Obama 30 Heare 12

MT – Heare 75 Romney 21 Obama 23

NC – Heare 60 Obama 20 Romney 18

ND – Romney 38 Obama 37 Heare 35

NE – Romney 43 Heare 42 Obama 25

NH – Heare 58 Obama 42 Romney 7

NJ – Obama 59 Heare 50 Romney (-9)

NM –  Obama 47 Romney 46 Heare 7

NV – Heare 70 Obama 25 Romney 10

NY – Obama 59 Romney 49 Heare (-8)

OH – Romney 40 Obama 40 Heare 20

OK – Romney 56 Obama 44 (Heare is not allowed to be on the ballot in OK due to OK laws)

OR – Heare 95 Obama 4 Romney 2

PA – Obama 47 Romney 46 Heare 9

RI – Obama 58 Romney 30 Heare 10

SC – Romney 60 Obama 20 Heare 18

SD – Heare 34 Obama 33 Romney 33

TN – Romney 34 Obama 29 Heare 28 Nader 20

TX – Romney 49 Heare 40 Obama 32

UT – Romney 101

VA – Obama 40 Heare 30 Romney 29

VT – Obama 60 Heare 39 Romney 3

WA – Obama 45 Romney 30 Heare 30

WI – Obama 41 Romney 39 Heare 31

WV – Heare 91 Romney 20 Obama (-11)

WY – Romney 75 Obama 11 Heare 11 Stein 11


Canada – Obama 78 Heare 21 Romney 3

United Kingdom – Heare 62 Obama 38 Romney 1

Lichtenstein – Heare 89 Obama 6 Romney 6

China –  Romney 51 Bush 49


Margin of Error +/- 50%

NOTE:  Not all numbers equal 100% due to rounding and/or bad arithmetic.



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A Great Night After All

Last night’s debate started out horribly for me.  Many people were having problems getting into my chat room on Facebook.  My telepathic channels were crammed with people who were sending messages that had nothing to do with politics and one message from a lonely man who was drooling over Michele Bachmann’s legs.  I was soon booted out of my own chat room and unable to return.

I turned to my Facebook and Twitter pages after realizing I would not be able to get into chat.  I learned a few things from going to my pages.  The first is that the people who follow me on Twitter are different than the people who follow me on Twitter.  The only things they have in common is that they both use computers or phones to access their accounts and that people would rather vote for me than any of the Republicans except for Ron Paul.

Despite missing the first 45 minutes of the debate due to chat issues, I was able to get a record number of retweets and comments on Twitter and a record number of likes and shares on Facebook.  (My previous record of shares on Facebook was zero.)

The results don’t end there.  I have more people following me on Twitter and have more friends on Facebook.  I will now split time between Facebook and Twitter and no longer blog in real-time here.

There was one thing that was said by one of the candidates last night that baffled me. (I forgot which candidate)  It wasn’t Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman, or Herman Cain, but one of the others said that we need the Patriot Act to protect our liberties.  The Patriot Act erodes liberties.  This means that we need our liberties eroded to protect our liberties.  That makes no sense at all.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from the entire Ahmnodt Heare for President campaign team!

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Campaign Polls

This is something I will do a couple times a year.  I am going to ask a few poll questions so my campaign can keep a pulse on the heartbeat of America.  The campaign will not be collecting any personal information in the poll.  You may send your personal information (Name, address, phone number, mother’s maiden name, and social security number) to ahmnodtheare-at-politician-dot-com.


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Road Show

Ahmnodt Heare will be live from New Paltz, NY at a local cafe* discussing the issues with the local folks, He will also take calls at 347-945-7487 during the show.

*weather permitting.  Forcast for the New Paltz area for tomorrow is 4-7″ of snow before changing to sleet and freezing rain.  It is anticipated that the storm will be in the freezing rain stage during the show.  If the forecast holds true, I will not be loading my car and heading to New Paltz to talk about global warming.  Not because of how strange it would sound, but I don’t drive in freezing rain, snow, tornadoes, car washes, or fog.

If I can make it to New Paltz, the people there will make the primary choice of topics.  If I cannot make it, the callers will get to choose the topic.  If the show cannot be hosted on BlogTalk Radio due to a blackout here, the show will be held telepathically and the topic will be Family Guy.  If the show is canceled due to my being incarcerated, the telepathic show will be about the police state.  If (I hope this doesn’t happen) I pass away between now and tomorrow, the show will be telepathic, but I will be unable to host it.

Here’s (or is it Heare’s) to hoping for decent weather so I can drive to New Paltz (and back).

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80,000 and Counting

I am pleased to announce that over 80,000 people have visited my blog.  Many people who have stopped by have been supportive of the campaign.  A few have not been supportive.  Those people include the Cinemafia, Betty White supremacists, hard-core Republicans and Democrats, and dentists.

Spammers have not been included in the count, or the count would be much higher.  Those who read the blog telepathically have not been counted because WordPress has said they do not have an accurate way to count telepathic hits.  Famous politicians who have read this blog and have used either my campaign strategy or in their platform include President Obama, Sarah Palin, John McCain, and most recently, Carl Paladino.

Unlike the past, when I had a mad rush of people looking for Grandma Oudda’s famous Strawberry Stroganoff recipe or paying tribute to Billy Mays, the people lately have been coming mainly looking for an alternative in 2012.  It seems for many of these people, I have been that alternative and for that I am honored.

Thank everybody for your continued support and together we can win this thing in 2012!

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Questions to be Answered – LIVE

My next podcast will be live on location from the patio of Kite’s Restaurant in Vernon, NJ on Tuesday, July 27 at 11:00PM Eastern.  I will be answering questions that are sent by e-mail, phone (347-945-7487), in the chat room, or live from the patio.

Among the questions I will answer I will answer include:

  • The status of my campaign since the last show.
  • The latest “lack of sex” scandal.
  • My opinion on current happenings in Washington
  • Questions sent to me via e-mail, telephone, or telepathy

Please tune in on the 27th, or better yet, stop by Kite’s and watch the show live!

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Staying by the Phone

I will be by my phone and computer today.  After being mentioned on The Larry King Show last night, I figure the rest of the media will be more interested in my campaign.  I will accommodate the media and stay by the phone and computer today.  This will allow them instant access to set up interviews without playing the annoying game of “Voice Mail Tag.”  I will also be checking my e-mail frequently for those who wish to communicate by electronic mail.  Due to the demands I am currently facing, I will be unable to be reached telepathically today.

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