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How to Alienate Voters

President Obama Backs the Steelers in the Super Bowl – washingtonpost.com.

One of the first rules of politics when holding a national office is never say who you are rooting for.  President Obama and Vice-President Biden have both made this mistake.  Judging by their actions over the last three months, it is apparent that both these gentlemen hate the state of Arizona.

First, Obama had the audacity to run for president against a senator from Arizona.  Then he takes Arizona’s governor and makes her Homegirl Security, leaving Arizona with someone less popular as its governor.  Now the dynamic duo of Barack Obama and Joe Biden have dissed the Grand Canyon State again by choosing the Steelers against the beloved Cardinals.

These guys better start showing some love to the state of Arizona soon or Arizona might go to the Republicans or to Ahmnodt Heare in 2012.  If Arizona is ready to vote for Ahmnodt Heare, I will make sure the White House gets some “Terrible Towels”.  While they might wave them around this Sunday, they will need the towels to wipe their tears in 2012.

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