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Today’s Blog Entry Canceled Due to Snow

Due to inclement weather in Northwestern New Jersey, I will not be blogging today.  There were a few things I wanted to write about:

  • Picketing theaters that planned on showing “The Wolfman” this Friday and letting moviegoers know that the commercial they saw on Super Bowl Sunday is a large reason why movies are so expensive.
  • Comment on the Senate hearing scheduled on Global Warming.  It turns out that the Global Warming hearing has been postponed due to snow.
  • Early results from my poll and what it means for my campaign.
  • Give hints on how to make your Facebook home page refresh correctly: (Go to the bottom of the page and click “Edit Options” and inserting 9999 in the number field.)

But since I am currently experiencing blizzard conditions, I will not be able to write about anything I wanted to mention today.


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Special Report – The High Cost of Entertainment

Many people watch the Super Bowl for the game.  For those who missed it, the New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts 31-17.  Some people don’t watch it for the game, but for the commercials.  The price to buy a 30-second ad for this Super Bowl was $2,500,000.

The Cinemafia dropped $20,000,000 dollars on ads during the Super Bowl.  This amounts to 2,051,282 movie tickets that have to be sold just to break even with the ads.  This does not include millions blown on production or paying high school students minimum wage to run the concession stands and the ticket booth.

The boycott starts this Friday with “The Wolfman”.  Picket the movies listed on their release dates.  Tell movie goers to hold out on going to movies until the prices become affordable again.  Otherwise the Cinemafia will blow more money to lure us to spend more money to watch more bad films.  Universal Studios added insult to injury by spending $2.5 million for a theme park based on a movie that is no longer showing in “Harry Potter”

Below is some information about the movies to boycott:

Half of the movies have yet to be rated.  A few movies are full of actors I have never heard of.  One of the movies doesn’t come out until the Fourth of July weekend.  Better versions of “The Wolfman”, “Alice in Wonderland”, and “Robin Hood” have already came out years ago, so why would I want to spend $9.75 for a movie that I already know how it’s going to end?

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