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Bad Day to Travel

Today starts the three-week stretch that I have my daughter.  I thought it was hot in New Jersey when I left this morning.  It was supposed to in the mid-90’s there.  That was tundra compared to the temperature in Washington DC this afternoon.  The air was so hot, it felt like smoking an ultra-light cigarette just breathing.  When I went to get the mail for my parents, I burned my fingertips opening up the mailbox.

My normal protocol is to spend the weekend at my parents and head home either Sunday night or Monday morning.  Not this time.  I headed out as soon as Patricia was dropped off at my parents’.  I left my car at my parents because of fears of overheating.  Patricia and I took a cab to the airport.  The cab had no air conditioning.  By the smell of the cab, the driver must have been driving all day.

I rented a car when I got to the airport.  (I rented the car at the airport because their cars are under canopies which at least offered shade.  All of those “It’s so hot (How hot is it?)” jokes were understatements.  My eyeballs were sweating!  It was hotter outside than it was in the sauna I relaxed in yesterday after my five laps in the hot tub.  It gets hot in DC, but this was brutal.  I don’t recall it ever getting this hot in DC before.  It got this hot when I lived in North Carolina, but it was in the country.  There wasn’t the bombardment of heat reflections from buildings and sidewalks.  There wasn’t the feeling that I was walking into a walking convection oven.  Patricia and I are in New Jersey in my condo.  It’s 83 degrees here, but I am shivering compared to what I went to today.

Today made me look at my platform on global warming.  There isn’t too much I can do about it right now since I do not have access to nuclear weapons to aim at the sun.  And I don’t have a snowball’s chance in DC of getting any.  The only thing I can do is not be so gung-ho on encouraging global warming in the winter when it is cold.  I can use some snow right about now.


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Trip Preparation

I am getting excited about my vacation that starts on Friday afternoon.  I will be driving to Saguache, Colorado.  Part of my time in Colorado will be spent in Fort Garland for Blanca Fest the following weekend.  Hopefully I won’t break my ankle this time and I’ll be able to partake in the hike that precedes the Blanca Fest festival.

For those who are interested in meeting up, I will be in Cleveland on Friday, Chicago on Saturday, and Grand Rapids, Nebraska on Sunday before arriving at Saguache early Monday afternoon.  Driving means I won’t have many of the problems I had last year.  But it also means I won’t be tweeting as often or looking at as much porn as I normally do.  I already have my camping gear packed and will have the rest of my stuff packed Thursday evening.

It turns out that the vacation route is nowhere near route I will be taking for the Affordable Entertainment Awareness walk-a-thon I will be doing starting in October.  It’s  also nowhere near the walk-a-thon I held last year in Liechtenstein.

The workload this week is rather heavy through Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday should be light and I am hoping to hit the road by 2PM Friday.  I will be too busy to host the radio show this Tuesday, but the show will left in what I hope will be fine hands.  The next two shows following that (August 17 and 24) will be on location from Fort Collins, Colorado.

It’s off to bed.  I have a lot to do, but not a lot of time to do it.  See you in America!

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Another Snowy Saturday

It’s days like today that makes me wonder if God wants me to be president.  This is the third consecutive Saturday with snow.  Events keep getting canceled or postponed.  There are a few adjustments I am making to my schedule:

  • No “Global Warming” events until after April 15.  It always snows when a global warming or climate change meeting is scheduled.
  • No flying to or from campaign events – Nothing is worse than being stuck at an airport because the airport is snowed in.  Sleeping at Logan Airport in Boston sucks.
  • Trips to Washington, DC will be limited to visiting my parents.  If I can sneak in some time, I will visit supporters like David.
  • Most of my campaign traveling will be done by rail.  Railroads tend to stay open longer than roadways.  That and there is usually a hottie by the train bar.

I will be in Washington, DC next weekend to visit my parents and Patricia for Christmas.  I got Patricia a special gift.  I will be spending a quiet New Year’s at home and watch football all New Year’s Day.

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Travel Problems

I am supposed to be leaving for the Meeting of Independent Presidential Candidates next weekend.  I had to renew my passport and I received it yesterday.  There is a slight problem with the updated passport:  My first name is spelled wrong.  For some reason, it is spelled “Amhnodt” instead of “Ahmnodt.”  I tried to call the State Department to get this fixed, but I kept getting voice recordings.  I will try their website later.  If I can’t get help from the website, I will call my congressman.  If he can’t help, I will change my name to “Amhnodt.”  The hard part will figuring out how to pronounce “Amhnodt.”

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Bus Tour

I had decided at the last moment to take a trip to Oneonta, NY today.  Instead of driving, I decided to take a bus.  The bus I am taking has internet access so I can keep in touch with my supporters throughout the trip.  I am currently in South Hackensack, NJ.  It doesn’t seem to be the type of pl,ace with expensive and luxurious houses.  It probably explains why Billy Joel moved out.

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Possible Cause for Concern

I mentioned in a previous blog that I tend to learn from my mistakes.  I am saddened to announce this is not always the case.  I should have remembered that when I was in Europe last year, that the growth for the campaign dwindled to almost flatline.  The same thing happened again this year.

The record has to be set straight.  I am in constant communication with what is happening in America.  I read news websites everyday.  I listen to news radio feeds over the Internet.

Just because I am out of the country does not mean I am forgetting about America’s problems.  I probably pay more attention to American news when I am abroad because I can’t see American headlines when I am traveling.

I am home now and will be working to help America be a better place to live.  Thank you for your continued support.

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