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Treasurer of the United States

The Treasurer of the United States and the Secretary of the Treasury are two different jobs.  Timothy Geithner is the Secretary of the Treasury.  Anna Escobedo Cabral is the acting Treasurer of the United States and will hold that job until Barack Obama appoints somebody.  I would be honored to be that somebody.  Below is the job description of Treasurer of the United States as described in Wikipedia:

The Treasurer was originally charged with the receipt and custody of government funds, though many of these functions have been taken over by different bureaus of the Department of the Treasury. Responsibility for oversight of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the United States Mint, and the United States Savings Bonds Division (now the Savings Bond Marketing Office within the Bureau of the Public Debt) was assigned to the Treasurer in 1981. As of 2002 the Office of the Treasurer underwent a major reorganization. The Treasurer now advises the Director of the Mint, the Director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the Deputy Secretary and the Secretary of the Treasury on matters relating to coinage, currency and the production of other instruments by the United States. The Treasurer’s signature, as well as the Treasury Secretary’s, appear on Federal Reserve notes.

I can do everything described in the job description.  A week from Sunday would be the perfect day for President Obama to appoint me for two reasons:

  • June 21 will mark the 60th anniversary of the last time the Treasurer of the United States was male.
  • Picking me for Treasurer of the United States will dispel rumors that Obama is sexist by picking a man for what has traditionally been “women’s work.”

I would like to thank the President in advance for this opportunity.


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A Way to Increase Government Revenue

I was watching former Senator Tom Daschle give a speech withdrawing his name for consideration for head of the Health and Human Services Department.  While I was watching, I thought how Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner had similar problems with taxes.  I thought deeper in the past and realized that Linda Chavez had similar problems when she was trying to be confirmed for a cabinet position in the Bush administration.

Here is my solution:  Make politicians pay their fair share of taxes.  When we are running deficits like we are, it is unfair for politicians to exploit loopholes in the tax system.  This is especially true in the loopholes they forgot to write or forgot didn’t become law.

While I am on the subject of money, I predict that those who will benefit the most from the stimilus package will be the lobbyists.  Maybe it is just coincidence, but they always seem to benefit the most.  I would veto any bill where lobbyists would benefit while Americans get screwed if I was elected president.

Remember me in the day, months, and years ahead as I will give commentary on what is happening and how I would do things differently.  I thank you for your continued support.

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Who Would You Select as Treasury Secretary?

I would select former Tyco CEO Dennis Koslowski as Secretary of the Treasury.  He knows how to make money.

Dennis Kowlowski Endorses Ahmnodt Heare

Dennis Kozlowski Endorses Ahmnodt Heare

He has also been a strong supporter of my campaign.

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