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A Glowing Tribute

The fine people at Topps Inc. have created a new line of Garbage Pail Kids cards tributing great Americans.  I am deeply honored to be included in the latest edition!

"Garbage Pail Kids" Honors Great Americans.

This latest edition will be out for a limited time only.  Get yours today!


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A Tribute to Billy Mays

Billy Mays, the greatest TV pitchman ever died in June from a heart attack.  Many people have come to my website following his death.  Like many people, I went and bought the stuff that Billy Mays endorsed that I hadn’t already bought.  The only things I did not already have was the Awesome Auger and the iCan Benefit Insurance.

As a tribute to Billy Mays, I will be growing the patented Billy Mays beard.  (As soon as I find out who holds the patent for Billy Mays’s beard now that he has passed on.  I invite the ladies and gentlemen who have been following my blog to join me in growing a tribute beard.

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