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Ahmnodt Heare For America… Ahmnodt Heare For You.


If I wanted to attack Libya, I would do it unilaterally.  I would not have American troops led by NATO or the UN, but by an American commander.  I will impose the same philosophy withdrawing the troops out of the Middle East and into Canada.

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Our Troops

President Obama wants us to support the troops and give them more weapons.  He said nothing about the troops once they get home and get poor health care and no apples.  Troops need to be supported after they fight so they can acclimate to society and read my blog.

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Foreign Policy Video

I am honored to have world renowned talk-show host Larry King explain my foreign policy in layman’s term.

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The Frustration of Running Against an Incumbent

One would think it is easy to run against an incumbent.  All I would have to do is point out all of his flaws and show how I would do things.  I am finding out there are certain things an incumbent can do that shuts out opponents.  Such an occurance happened today.

I was originally going to surprise the troops with my presence after the Europe trip.  The problem was that my daughter’s birthday was before the trip and jury duty was after the trip.  After much planning, it was decided that today was the best day to visit the troops.

I flew to Athens last night.  this morning I took a charter flight to Baghdad, but as soon as the plane entered Iraqi air space, the plane turned around.  I asked why the plane was turning around, and the reply had to do with President Obama was going to make a surprise trip to Iraq and no other planes were allowed in the country.

There is good news to report on the campaign trail:  I have learned that Walgreen’s is pulling the Chia Obama planters off the shelf to make room for the Chia Ahmnodt planters.  They should be arriving in stores soon.


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Ahmnodt Heare for President

Some may wonder why I am taking the time to endorse myself.  Many editors will be mulling over who to endorse over the next two weeks.  The Washington Post and New York Times have endorsed Barack Obama.  This letter is for the editors who have yet to endorse.  Below are the reasons why Ahmnodt Heare should be President:

  • Troop Morale – Ahmnodt Heare is the only candidate to offer a war plan that allows troops to see their families every night.
  • Volunteerism – Ahmnodt Heare is the only candidate who has taken time to volunteer during his campaign.
  • The Motion Picture Association of America – Ahmnodt Heare is the only candidate to offer a plan to make entertainment affordable.
  • Priorities – Ahmnodt Heare is the only candidate to actually suspend his campaign when news hit that we were heading for a financial crisis.
  • Trendsetter – Ahmnodt Heare’s campaign has been copied by Sarah Palin and Barack Obama
  • Accessibility – Ahmnodt Heare is the only candidate who has made himself accessable to the gereral populace with a call-in radio show.

When the dust settles, remember:  Ahmnodt Heare for America… Ahmnodt Heare for You.

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Would I Bring More Troops to Afghanistan?

I would withdraw troops and invade Canada instead.  Canada is one of the few countries where my “9-5 War Strategy” could work logistically.  And I would only attack Canada on weekdays, never on holidays, weekends, or Vanna White’s birthday.

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US Troops

I would not let troops serve under foreign command. How would I explain to Americans that we were attacked by American troops directed under a foreign entity? This would give conspiracy theorists a field day.

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