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I Demand a Recount!

There is something wrong with the numbers. The polling as of 8:00PM Eastern shows that both Obama and Romney have over 3,000,000 votes. Somebody named Stewart Alexander is in 12th place with 313 votes. For some reason, it appears that I have fewer than 313 votes.  The one problem with a write-in campaign is that many states do not allow write-in votes.

There is a good chance that “Ahonodt Heare” will not count as a vote for me because of a typo.

I will be firing off letters to various boards of elections demanding 1) a recount and 2)that misspellings of my name should count for me.  (I am fine with “Mit Romney” counting for Mitt Romney and “Barrack Obama” for Barack Obama.)  “Ahonodt Heare” can not reasonably be counted as a vote for Obama or Romney no matter how hard you try to spin the bottle.


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