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The Women’s World Cup

I spent my afternoon watching the women’s World Cup Final between the United States and Japan.  And although the United States didn’t win, our women have nothing to be ashamed of.  There’s something to be said about motivation.  The Japanese team was motivated from the Fukushima earthquake and nuclear reactor.  A similar thing happened in 1980 when the US hockey team was motivated by the failure of the Jimmy Carter presidency.

There were two things about the World Cup that bothered me.  The first thing is that overtime wasn’t sudden death.  The US scored the first goal in overtime.  In most other sports, the first team that scores wins.  There isn’t much scoring in soccer, so the first goal is that much more important.  The second thing that disturbed me was the game ending on penalty kicks.  Spending two hours playing soccer only to have a game end on penalty kicks is wrong (especially in a final game of a tournament.)

The NHL has a shootout to end tie games in the regular season.  But even they realize that a shootout is no way to determine who gets to hoist the Stanley Cup.  If Game 7 of the World Series was to be tied after nine innings, they would go to extra innings.  They wouldn’t resort to a home run derby to determine a championship.

Soccer would be more popular in the United States if it had a sudden-death format with whomever scoring first would win.  It would also help if they kept playing until somebody scored.


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For the World Cuppers

Soccer (or Football for those not in the United States or Canada) is the most popular sport in the world.  It is the most popular sport in countries that don’t call it “soccer.”  If you are going one of the games the United States games (either against Slovenia on Friday or Algeria on the 23rd, and you are in the lower level where the TV cameras can see you, then I need a favor from you.   Please (with sugar on top) hold up a sign like the one below:

Please make sure sign is visible to the television!

Please make sure the sign is visible for the TV cameras!

If you’re going to one of the games but will be in a seat that the television cameras will not see, then please give the sign to somebody who will be near the front row.  Tell the person that I will work to improve relations between the United States and I will not exile William Shatner or Celine Dion there.

What is in it for you?  You will be famous for showing support for a candidate for office in another country.  It could lead to interviews with the major news stations in the United States.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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The Results are In

The results of whether “Orgies for Abstinence” will keep its name or be referred to as the “Tease Party” are in.  I will be announcing the results tonight live on my show on BlogTalk Radio.  The show airs from 7PM to 8PM Eastern.  I will take a look at the direction the country and will offer my unique insight as to how to solve things. I will also explain why he made changes to this website.


Call-in number for the show is (347)-945-7487.

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Northeast Blizzard

There are two reasons why I haven’t been online the last two days:  Shoveling and Blackout  (The blackout lasted for 22 hours, but I spent most of that time sleeping or shoveling.).  It tends to be difficult to keep up with shoveling when it is snowing an inch an hour.  It is harder when you are without the benefits of a snow blower or a plow.

I had spent all morning and afternoon shoveling.  It was getting dark and the one inch per hour turned into 2 inches per hour.  Catching up became futile so I decided I was shoveling for the day.  I went inside and watched some of the gold medal women’s hockey game between the United States and Canada.  Team Canada won 2-0 and I became distraught.

MSNBC announced that after the medals were given out, that they were going to play the Canadian National Anthem.  Not on my TV they weren’t.  I turned the TV off and headed outside to throw snowball at objects so I could vent.   One of the objects I hit was the top of the telephone pole where the electrical wire is connected from the pole to the house.  The electric wire came down and the town became dark.  Fortunately, I was able to scurry back in the house before anybody could see what happened.  (Not that they could see as it was dark and no lights were around.)

I had spent a good portion of yesterday shoveling the snow that had fallen Thursday night and Friday morning.  There was a foot and a half on the ground in addition to the foot of snow I had shoveled on Thursday.  I was soon running out of places to put snow as the snow banks from shoveling were soon over my head.  I thought I was just about done when the town snow plow came and cleared the road, leaving a three-foot bank blocking my driveway.  The bank was not only high, it was also three feet across. It was also dense, icy, and heavy.  it took me FOREVER to get rid of that snowbank!

I will be spending time brainstorming ideas on how better to remove snow.  The way towns do it now is a bad idea, and I will bring that up at the next town meeting.  If the streets are public property, then so is the snow that falls on it.  I do not want public snow on my private property!  I will think of a better way.  This is why I am running for President.  I am always thinking of better ways to run this great country of ours.

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Treasurer of the United States

The Treasurer of the United States and the Secretary of the Treasury are two different jobs.  Timothy Geithner is the Secretary of the Treasury.  Anna Escobedo Cabral is the acting Treasurer of the United States and will hold that job until Barack Obama appoints somebody.  I would be honored to be that somebody.  Below is the job description of Treasurer of the United States as described in Wikipedia:

The Treasurer was originally charged with the receipt and custody of government funds, though many of these functions have been taken over by different bureaus of the Department of the Treasury. Responsibility for oversight of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the United States Mint, and the United States Savings Bonds Division (now the Savings Bond Marketing Office within the Bureau of the Public Debt) was assigned to the Treasurer in 1981. As of 2002 the Office of the Treasurer underwent a major reorganization. The Treasurer now advises the Director of the Mint, the Director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the Deputy Secretary and the Secretary of the Treasury on matters relating to coinage, currency and the production of other instruments by the United States. The Treasurer’s signature, as well as the Treasury Secretary’s, appear on Federal Reserve notes.

I can do everything described in the job description.  A week from Sunday would be the perfect day for President Obama to appoint me for two reasons:

  • June 21 will mark the 60th anniversary of the last time the Treasurer of the United States was male.
  • Picking me for Treasurer of the United States will dispel rumors that Obama is sexist by picking a man for what has traditionally been “women’s work.”

I would like to thank the President in advance for this opportunity.

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Radio Show Returning Soon

I will soon be back on BlogTalk Radio.  I will return on Tuesday June 2 at 8PM Eastern.  I will be discussing the state of America and why things would have been different if I was president.

“State of America”
Independent candidate for President Ahmnodt Heare will give his unique perspective into the the direction of the United States. He will also take phone calls from concerned Americans.

Please listen to this very important show.

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Billion a page: 778-page, $827B stimulus – David Rogers – Politico.com

Billion a page: 778-page, $827B stimulus – David Rogers – Politico.com.

I knew the economy was in bad shape, but I didn’t think it took 778 pages of legislation to fix it.  $827 billion isn’t what it used to be.  30 years ago, you could run the United States federal government on $827 billion.  Today, it only bails out a couple of companies.

It makes me wonder what is in the 778 pages.  I found a copy of the bill here.  I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but I am confident the funding for the Museum of the Pornographic Arts is included.  I think the clincher was the provision of a hands-on exhibit for the kids.

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