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Where Was I?

I get much of my inspiration to blog from the shenanigans  in our nation’s capitol.  When everybody in Washington is on vacation, then there is not much to write about.  Congresspeople call their time off “State Work Period” but most of them won’t have to work hard as the cards are set in their favor to be re-elected.

People like to harp on President Obama for heading to Cape Cod for ten days.  But if Congress is on vacation, there isn’t much for a president to do.  There’s nothing to sign into law or to veto because nobody is around to write laws worth signing into law or vetoing.  He can make an executive order from anywhere.  It’s one of the cool things about being president.

The one thing a politician has done in the last month that I have been able to comment on was when New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino stole a portion of my platform.

I was able to do some campaigning this past weekend and will be making a campaign stop in Sterling Forest, NY near the New York Renaissance Faire.  I will not be campaigning inside the Faire grounds because the sight of men wearing tights makes me queasy.

I am back and will be around for a long time.


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No Vacation

I was supposed to leave Des Moines tomorrow and head to San Diego for a week, but I decided to head home instead.  It’s a gut feeling more than anything.  There’s no reason for me not to go to San Diego, it’s just a personal decision made on a whim.

Some people are skeptical about somebody making decisions on a whim being President of the United States.  I will have that problem remedied by having a highly-qualified cabinet.  I will be in constant communication with my cabinet and they will console me so I can make informed and thought out decisions.

There is a problem I am having with the Rasmussen poll released yesterday.  In their latest poll, Barack Obama narrowly beat Ron Paul 42-41%.  I have no problem with that part of the poll.  The problem I have is that they said 11% prefer “some other candidate.”  Why can’t they say my name?  Six percent of those polled were undecided.  I believe a good portion of these people think I am not running for president and they couldn’t decide between Obama and Paul.

This isn’t the first time I have had issues with polling companies.  They seem to ignore me when polling.  For some reason, they are afraid of my becoming president so they never include me in their polls.

I was doing some work when I wasn’t campaigning.  I will finish up both the campaigning and the work tonight.  While I will be home instead of San Diego next, I should add that I probably won’t be doing much work.  Any work that I do do will be done in the condo I am living in.  I will save that decision until I come back tomorrow.

Tonight at 9:00PM Eastern (8:00PM here in Des Moines), I will be opening my virtual campaign headquarters for a brainstorming session.  All are invited to attend and brainstorm along.

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Telethon to Save the Hamptons

I am pleased to announce that I have not forgotten the Hamptons and the financial difficulties of the fine people there.  Thanks to your generous support, we have been able to raise $3.65 from can and bottle deposits.

When I last mentioned the Hamptons, I had talked about three families and the difficulties they were enduring.  Clarissa Hartinger is now almost eight years old.  She was able to resume her violin lessons just long enough to give a holiday recital in December 2008.  She has not had a lesson since and is being deprived of her musical talents.  The Bentley’s didn’t even go to Paris in 2009.  They had to settle for a week (and only one week) at Cape Cod.

Nobody has been hit harder than the Carlington’s.  The good news is they did get their seventh bathroom installed.  The bad news is they had to sell their beachfront eight-bedroom / seven-bathroom home and move to a five-bedroom / four-bath house in Scarsdale.  They are no longer near a beach.  Little Biff has had to undergo counseling.

These people need our help more than ever to return to their lifestyles.  They can’t cope with their current third-world status.  This is why I will be hosting a special telethon next Friday at 9:00PM Eastern.  I will give out more details about the telethon as the week progresses.

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Back to the Grind

I have returned from a very productive trip.  It was the Meeting of Independent Presidential Candidates.  I will post the entries of each day daily over the next week starting tonight.  The schedule for posting this week will goes as follows:

Day – Current entries for the current day.

Night – Entries I have written during the “Meeting of Independent Presidential Candidates” trip in the Caribbean.

I am off all this week as I made sure my work was caught up so I could enjoy a week to relax after a week of pointless yet productive meetings while on a cruise.

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And Away I Go!

I am taking care of a lot of things and will be unable to update my happenings until November 22.  I will blog twice a day the week I come back.  The first entry will be the happenings of that day.  The second entry will be the happenings of each day of the Meeting of Independent Presidential Candidates.

I am sorry to leave people hanging for so long, but as long as they are hanging, you might want to play tetherball.

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Travel Problems

I am supposed to be leaving for the Meeting of Independent Presidential Candidates next weekend.  I had to renew my passport and I received it yesterday.  There is a slight problem with the updated passport:  My first name is spelled wrong.  For some reason, it is spelled “Amhnodt” instead of “Ahmnodt.”  I tried to call the State Department to get this fixed, but I kept getting voice recordings.  I will try their website later.  If I can’t get help from the website, I will call my congressman.  If he can’t help, I will change my name to “Amhnodt.”  The hard part will figuring out how to pronounce “Amhnodt.”

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I am back from vacationing in Saguache County, Colorado.  I have always believed that one needs a few days to recuperate when returning from a vacation.  It’s not because the vacation itself wipes people out.  It’s because of the traveling back home.

It started with an almost two hour ride from Saguache to Colorado Springs.  That was followed by a 2 1/2 hour bus ride to Denver.  I think bus drivers are paid to drive through every neighborhood between Colorado Springs and Denver. The cab ride from the airport to the airport took 15 minutes.

It took forever to go through airport security.  I had problems taking my cast boot off for the airport screening.  I also had problems getting around with just one leg.  It was difficult looking for a place to put the boot back on my cast.

There was a huge rush for the airline to get the plane loaded.  I think that it is because they like to play a game called “Whoever Spends the Most Time on the Tarmac Wins!”  It took five minutes to load 205 people on the plane, but it took 90 minutes for the plane to leave the tarmac.  I think the pilot of my plane won the game.

I was soon at Newark Liberty Airport.  I headed to the luggage carousel to watch the luggage of the other 204 passengers go around before I saw my bags.  It was off to the parking lot.  I forgot where I parked my car.  I spent fifteen minutes hobbling around before I found it.  The “escape for Labor Day Weekend” traffic was all that was between the airport and my home.  an hour trip ended up taking up two and a half hours.

It will take at lease three days to recover from a day of traveling.  After a day like yesterday, I can use a vacation.

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