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Not Quite What I Meant

When I first mentioned my “Bathroom Blitz” campaign, I had no idea what kind of effect it would have.  Would people post signs?  Would they stay up or would they be thrown out?  Would anybody mention they saw a sign in a bathroom?  Why is Martin Bashir on my television?

I was driving to Greensboro, NC to attend a funeral of a dear close friend.  There was a diner off of I-81 in Culpeper, VA.  I stopped there to grab a bite to eat and that I really, really, really had to go to the bathroom.  There was an empty bathroom stall and I went about my business.  What I saw on the wall was both pleasing and disappointing.

While writing on the wall leaves a more permanent impression than leaving a sign, it is also considered by some as "vandalism." I do not support vandalism, but if you must write on the wall, please make sure the URL is legible.

I am guessing that the URL is supposed to read http://tinyurl.com/ahmnodt which would bring people who type that to this blog.  While I may know what it means, the average person may not.  The object is not to convince me to vote for me.  (I’m pretty sure I will), but to convince the person who has no idea who I am to at least take a look and check out the website.

I didn’t have a marker to make the writing more legible, so I left it as it was.  I’ll bring a marker when I swing by on the way back and make it easier to read.  Funny thing was I wasn’t really thinking about campaigning while I was mourning, but after seeing this, I am thinking that campaigning is a 24 hour-a-day operation.  I will learn how to campaign while I snore when I return on Thursday.


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