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Not Just Yet

I was hoping that everything would have gone well with the move, but it hasn’t.  I will definitely be moving on Wednesday.  It is going to take me a few days once I get there to set up a strategic campaign plan which will utilize my resources (or lack thereof) wisely.

My first video greeting will be posted by Sunday.  The radio show will be either on Monday nights or Tuesday afternoons.  Regular blgging will resume as soon as I get my internet set up in Delaware.  (Or sooner if I live near someone with unsecured Wi-Fi.)


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Helping You With Your Campaign

One hand washes the other.  (I know that one of the washed hands will get germs on it as soon as I open the bathroom door, but that’s not where I am going.)  Where I am going is helping my supporters who blog have a button linking to their site on my site.  I am going to go through a cosmetic change on my website next week.  Gone will be the traditional “blogroll”.  Instead, I will have buttons that will lead people to links.  Buttons should be 88 pixels wide and 31 pixels in height.  Please don’t make your button porno.  If you must send me porn, my e-mail is ahmnodtheare@politician.com.

I was hoping to post my video today, but I still have to get a microphone.  I hope to get it this weekend.  I am hoping to make the announcement of my debate opponent and the time and method of debate.

The video show scheduled for tonight has been postponed until tomorrow at 8:00PM Eastern.

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I Need Help Tonight

Testing for my upcoming video show resumes tonight at 8:00PM Eastern.  I will need at least two people for the test.  One person to call in the number I will broadcast during the show.  I will need another person to listen and make sure that the caller can be heard clearly.

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Test Run Tonight!

I will be testing out live video streaming tonight.  You are cordially invited in helping me test out this new venue for the campaign.  Among other things, I will be testing out my phone service for video.


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Ahmnodt Speaking to You

I had a 1,000 word commentary to accompany the video, but my computer crashed and autosave didn’t autosave.  I wish I had the time to write it all again, but I do not.  Below is a brief summary of what I did write:

I predicted trends that first appear in this video (topless presidential candidate, smoking an unfiltered, hand-rolled cigarette, and  calling out the Cinemafia and my opponents’ support of them.)

I didn’t mention it in the video, but I did mention in the summary Herman Cain’s pro-Cinemafia “9-9-9 Plan.”  While movie tickets would be lowered to $9, A large Coke and a large popcorn will also be $9 each.


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Contest Coming Soon

I haven’t decided what the contest is going to be about yet, but I have decided on the grand prize.  The grand prize will be a personalized video from me to the winner of the contest.  The video will be posted on this blog and on YouTube.  I will also e-mail a copy of the video to the winner so he or she can watch the video offline at one’s convenience.

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The Cinemafia Strikes Back

Some time ago, I posted a video about the Cinemafia holding a secret meeting.  Yesterday, they were successful in having YouTube pull that video off line.  This used to be the video.

But instead, you see this when trying to view any video that criticizes the Cinemafia.

The Cinemafia has made YouTube pulled all criticisms of it including the video posted by Ahmnodt Heare.

Constantin Films, the Munich branch of the Cinemafia, covered their tracks by having YouTube pull all of their meetings off of YouTube, including the meetings posted on their own channel.

Let me assure you that the fight is far from over and that together, we can bring the Cinemafia to its knees and make movies affordable again.

I will be posting the transcripts to the Cinemafia’s meeting later this week.

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