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Social Network Campaign

There are two years to go until the Presidential Election.  You might have been looking for a way to discuss my campaign with others on your social network, but have been too shy or busy to do so.  Many people don’t like to discuss politics, and that’s OK because I am not really a politician.  I am just an ordinary American who wants to make America a better place to live.

You can be a spark plug to the campaign without saying a word.  You can get the word out without leaving your chair.  You can make a difference with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

  • Right-click the image on top of this post and choose “save image as” and name it “googleahmnodtheare”.
  • Go to your favorite social network website.
  • Click on your photos.
  • Click “add more photos”.
  • Upload “googleahmnodtheare” to your photos.
  • Click “Make Profile Picture”.

It looks like a lot of steps, but each step is easy and only takes a couple of seconds.  You will be making a statement without handing out pamphlets, going door-to-door, or any of the other things people hate about campaigning.  Soon everybody will will have the profile picture and the buzz will be picked up by the media.


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Attention Facebook Users!

There is a new page on Facebook you should check out!  It’s called, “100,000 People Who Think Ahmnodt Heare Would Have Been a better President

We can get 100,000 people, but it starts with you.  Please join, and tell all of your friends and half of your enemies to join.  If you don’t want to join because you don’t think I’d make a good president, join because President Obama is doing a terrible job.  He is fighting the people’s wishes on health care and on the Cinemafia.  He might be offering change, but I have yet to see a 2009 minted coin.  He’s handing out the same old change.  That change is tainted with H1N1 from all of the people touching it looking for change.

Join the page today!  I will not spam your Facebook account or keep bugging you to be my friend.

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