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A New Direction


The link above is a recording of the radio show I hosted last night.  I talked about my responses to the Belmont Debate questions, the Wall Street debacle, and hockey moms being booed in Philadelphia.

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How do you feel about the Bailout Plan?

I am against the bailout plan.  I liked both Fannie Flagg and Bernie Mac.  Unfortunately, they are no longer with us.  I doubt they need the money now.  😦

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Saving the Hamptons (My Newest Endevour)

The Dow lost 777 points and over $1 trillion yesterday.  Many of those dollars came from people who call the Hamptons home and by people who party there on the weekends.  The latest Wall Street fall has affected the entire community.

Six year old Clarissa Hartinger has not had a violin lesson in almost two weeks.  The Bentley’s can only stay in Paris for two weeks instead of the month they normally stay.  And the Carlington’s will have to wait to get their seventh bathroom installed.  I am starting a can collection drive to help these people in crisis.

If you want to start a can collecting campaign in your area, you can reach me from the Contact tab on this website.  Together, we can save the Hamptons.


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