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Birthday Weekend

Sunday will be my 37th birthday.  The original plan was for me to head down to Washington this weekend and spend time with my parents and with my daughter.  My parents surprised me by coming up and bringing Patricia with them.  The only problem was that they forgot I had moved two months ago and this was their first time up since the move.

There is plenty to do in Washington, DC.  There isn’t much to do here in Vernon, NJ.  I am close to Mountain Creek Water Park (not to be confused with Mountain Creek Ski Resort, even though it’s at the same place).  Part of the Appalachian Trail runs through Vernon, but I am not much of a hiker.  I’ll probably take Patricia to the water park tomorrow, though it’s supposed to be rainy with thunderstorms.

I am not sure about Sunday.  My parents will probably take me home for breakfast.  I’ll probably end up watching the World Cup Final between Spain and the Netherlands.  I would like to thank FIFA for holding the Final on my birthday.   Hopefully the next time it’s on my birthday, the United States will be playing.

Monday and Tuesday will be long work days.  I will be in campaign mode from Wednesday through next Sunday.  I need to get out in the public while people know who I am.  I need the name “Ahmnodt Heare” to resonate in the minds of voters in the same way that voters’ children’s names resonate in their mind.


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Small Town Blues

I have done just about everything I wanted to do in my town yesterday.  I haven’t gone to the water park yet, but the weather hasn’t been promising for water rides.  My daily activities include going to the diner just so I get out of the house.

One of the things I am doing while I’m home is working on my unauthorized autobiography.  The name of the book is tentatively titled, “Ahmnodt for You.”  The problem I am having in writing it is that I don’t know if I want to write is as a life story with a small emphasis on my 2008 and 2012 campaigns or if I should emphasize my campaigns with just enough tidbits about my life to make people understand why I am running for president.

Some time will be spent on doing minor repairs around my house.  I need a few small things like a new toilet tank and a new bedroom wall.  These things shouldn’t take too long to fix. Off to the hardware store!

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