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Getting Ready for Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Vanna White’s birthday.  Part of observing Her birthday means I will not be blogging or campaigning tomorrow.  I am also taking tomorrow off from work.  Tomorrow will be spent watching old Wheel of Fortune clips as well as other clips of Vanna on YouTube and Google Video.  I will also send a card to “Vnn Wht” and a check for $750 so she can buy an “A”, an “E”, and an “I” to spell out Her name.  I will have to send out with an overnight service so She gets it tomorrow.

I would like to wish Vanna White the happiest of birthdays tomorrows.  And a Happy Vanna White Day to everybody!

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How a Slow Day Goes

I am taking this week off for two reasons.  The first reason is because the week between Christmas and New Year’s is not very productive.  People tend to be recovering from one holiday and looking forward to the next holiday.   The second reason is because few clients are looking for marketing projects in this time period.

I am also limiting campaigning this week.  It seems I do my best campaigning when I am busy with other things and running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Below is my schedule for today:

8:00 – Wake up, shower, get dressed, and walk the dog.  – Self explanatory for most people. For those who need more of an explanation, I will videotape the last two things I do on the list. I can’t videotape myself showering for legal reasons and I can’t videotape myself waking up because by the time I get the video camera, I am already awake.
9:00 – Walk to Staples – Staples is about 4 miles from here so it will take me about three hours to get there. I’m not a fast walker and I like to absorb the scenery.
12:15 – Arrive at Staples – I took mental notes of things I need for my office, like pens, paper, printer paper, and popcorn. I will buy these items later in the week when I drive to the store. I did buy a new GPS system. The old GPS was old and outdated. It had things like “Oregon Territory” on it. The new one I have has roads and bridges on it. It also updates itself and offers where gas stations and restaurants are.
3:00 – Stopped in the diner for a sandwich and a coffee. It was a slow time at the diner so there was nobody to talk politics with. One thing I noticed is the cook who normally wears a New York Giants cap was wearing a New York Yankees cap instead today.
4:30 – Arrived home – installed the GPS in my car.
6:15 – Walked the dog – just in time too as he pooped just past the bottom step.
6:40 – started writing this blog entry and ordered pizza delivery. I don’t like too many toppings so I limit myself to pepperoni, sausage, meatball, anchovies, chocolate chips and extra cheese.
7:30 – “Wheel of Fortune” – as if you didn’t already know why.

8:00 – Monday Night Football – Vikings at Bears – I will root for Minnesota because I don’t like Jay Cutler.

11:45 (approx. after football) – read and answer fan e-mail.

11:46 – Bed

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Vacation Ends Today

I head home today after a week of must needed time away from the job and my campaign.  I will leave here at 7:30 for a ride to Colorado Springs.  At 11:00, I will be taking a bus to Denver.  The plane leaves at 2:00PM and I shoujld be back at my home by 8PM.

I spent most of yesterday alone relaxing.  I did watch some of the Rockies game against the New York Mets at a bar.  I came back to the bar in time to watch “Wheel of Fortune.”  It was then that I found out why my campaign was so popular here.  Saguache is a hotbed for Vanna White supremacists.   There was an altercation as a few people came in wanting to watch the Denver Broncos’ game against the Arizona Cardinals.  But the Broncos fans were outnumbered by the Vanna White supremacists.

We were about to watch the Broncos game after “Wheel of Fortune” when there was a sudden showering of boos.  I saw the television and it was Wiliam Shatner doing a Priceline commercial.  An elderly woman shouted, “Way to ruin our entertainment, you Canuck spy!”

The irony is although I am heading home today, I will never feel as home as I have this past week.

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Campaign Goals for August

The following are some goals I have set for the campaign for the month of August:

  1. Averaging 150 unique hits per day on this website.
  2. At least 10 blogs mentioning Ahmnodt Heare and the campaign. (Currently at 5, plus a poll for President)   A few blog entries from other sites have been deleted.
  3. An “Ahmnodt Girl” video.
  4. At least one national television appearance (broadcast or cable)

Notes about the goals:   Goal 1 is difficult, but can be accomplished.  Goal #2 can be accomplished if people don’t delete their websites and blogs after writing about my campaign.  I don’t know if this is a coincidence or if the deletions are being done by my political enemies like the Cinemafia. Goal#3 can be done by having a female uploading a video to YouTube and declaring herself an “Ahmnodt Girl”   I will need your help making #4 possible.  It seems I don’t have the media prowlness required to get myself on television.

I have a lot of work to do to make these goals happen.  This means limiting watching “Wheel of Fortune” to weeks that are “special.”  I will also have to quit watching the “SpongeBob SquarePants” marathons every weekend.

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Back Where I Belong

After losing a lot of sleep and after much deliberation, I have decided to rejoin the Vanna White Supremacist group.  This group is nationwide and not affiliated with the North Carolina chapter of the Vanna White Supremacists.  Like I said earlier, I am no fan of Pat Sajak and I think Vanna should be the host of “Wheel of Fortune.”  This does not mean that Pat Sajak should be assassinated.  This is why I had to leave the North Carolina chapter.  There is another reason why I joined the national chapter:

Vanna WhiteSeriously, how can I resist?

I hope this clears up all the confusion and people know where my heart belongs.

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I Have Had Enough

I am announcing my resignation from the North Carolina chapter of the Vanna White Supremacists.  My feelings towards Vanna White have not changed.  However; I can not associate myself with the group after what they tried to do the other day.

Two Vanna White supremacists were arrested after it was discovered that they were going to assassinate Pat Sajak after a “Teen Week” taping of “Wheel of Fortune.”  Although I find it unfair that Sajak gets more camera time than Vanna, I think there are other avenues to get what needs to get done.  I wouldn’t want Alex Trebek of “Jeopardy” fame to be killed in this manner and he is Canadian.

My resignation is immediate.  I am available for the lovely and talented Vanna White for whatever purpose she desires.

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