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2012 NFL Season – Wild Card Round

Week 17: 11-5 (.656) Best Bets: 2-1 (.688)
Season to Date: 123-130-3 (.486) Best Bets: 26-24-1 (.520)

The hot last two weeks was not quite enough to bring me ro the ,500 mark.  There’s always next year.  But this year is the playoffs and a new chance to show my smarts (or lack thereof).   For the playoffs I will give insight as to how each game is going to go.  This is a chance to see how a real life presidential candidate thinks.

Date & Time     Favorite          Spread          Underdog

1/5 4:30 ET         At Houston          -4.5                Cincinnati

The Texans are reeling, having lost three out of the last four games.  The Bengals look impressive against the Browns and Chiefs, but not as impressive against playoff-caliber teams.  Houston survives this game only to get slapped around next week.  Take the Texans and give the points.

1/5 8:00 ET        At Green Bay       -7.5               Minnesota

The temperature in Minnesota will be around 20 degrees Fahrenheit at kickoff.  This would be good news if Minnesota played outdoors and was at home.  It will be about the same temperature in Green Bay, where they do play outdoors.  The Packers should win, but Adrian Petersen should keep it close.  Take the Vikings and the points.

1/6 1:00 ET       At Baltimore         -7                   Indianapolis

Once upon a time, the city of Baltimore would love nothing more than to see the Colts win a playoff game.  The city will be bumming after the Colts win in Baltimore this Sunday.  Mainly because the Colts are Indianapolis’s team while Baltimore has the original Browns team (now called the Ravens).  Take the Colts (Indianapolis) and the points.

1/6 4:30 ET       Seattle                     -3                 At Washington

Seattle fans see “Seattle at Washington” and wish this game was being played in the state of Washington and not the District of Columbia.   Unfortunately, this is the end of the road for my Washington Redskins.  😦  The Seahawks will run and throw all over the ‘Skins and win easily.  Take the Seahawks and give the points.


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Last Week:   7-9 (.438)  Best Bets 2-1 (.667)

Season:  124-126-4  (.496) Best Bets 33-18 (.647)

I was crushed by games with nothing on the line, thus causing me to end the season with a losing record.  It will be at least another season before the Las Vegas thingie becomes a reality.  (At least until I become President).

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
1/8 4:30 ET New Orleans -10.5 At Seattle
1/8 8:05 ET At Indianapolis -2.5 NY Jets
1/9 1:00 ET Baltimore -3 At Kansas City
1/9 4:30 ET At Philadelphia -2.5 Green Bay



Note: Only one best bet pick this week and next week.

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Wild Card Playoff Predictions

It is that time of year again:  The NFL Playoffs.  This weekend is the Wild-Card round.  Eight teams will fight to the death for the right to lose next weekend in Indianapolis, San Diego, New Orleans, and Minnesota.

I was doing predictions in the beginning of the year.  But between my schedule and not being very good at this, I stopped predicting games in November.  Some people say it’s not very presidential picking games.  This is my way of showing I am in touch of what is going on in America today.

NY Jets (+2.5) at Cincinnati

The Jets have something the Bengals don’t have in a quarterback like Mark Sanchez.  On a cold wintry afternoon/ evening in Cincinnati, the Bengals should be glad.  Take the Bengals, give the points.

Philadelphia (+3.5) at Dallas

This is the game I least want to watch.  The football gods have been cruel to Redskins fans all season, and today won’t be any different.  Take the Cowboys and give the points.

Baltimore (+3.5) at New England

This game will show how much the Patriots miss Tedy Bruschi.  This game will get ugly with Ray Rice running through the Patriots defense like I ran when Pastor Reynolds caught me with her daughter when I was in high school.  Take the Ravens and the points.

Green Bay (-1) at Arizona

All the momentum would suggest to take the Packers, which ends up being the games the Cardinals win.  I went against the Cardinals all season last year and was one play away from going 0-4.  Take the Cardinals and the lousy single point.

Best bet – Cowboys (Because the football gods want to laugh at me one more time.)

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