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Another Chance to Show Your Support

For those who graciously took part in the “Draw Ahmnodt” contests the last two years, thank you for taking part.  I am going to have a different contest this year.  This year you are invited to submit a video explaining why you will vote for Ahmnodt Heare for President.   You can either mention something from my platform that you agree with, or you can come up with your own reason. (i.e. “His voice is so sexy.”)

There are a few simple rules for submission:

1) Videos should be two minutes or less.  Nobody likes watching documentaries online.

2) No profanity.  I might “F$%*ing Rule”, but my mother will be watching these videos.

3) No nudity.  Especially if you are male.

4) Videos should be in English, Spanish, or Pig Latin.  Please stick to one language per video.

5) All videos should be in .wmf or.mp4 format.

Videos should be submitted to ahmnodtheare@politician.com.

All videos will be posted on my YouTube channel.  The best will be posted on my Facebook page and in a future blog entry.


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Follow Me on #Facebook and #Twitter!

I know I have sent out the invitation before, but it’s that time again.  The last time I invited people to check out my Twitter account was soon after I opened my Twitter account.  I knew nothing about mentions and hashmarks or any of that crap.  Back then my tweets were infrequent and limited to quick notes and the occasional link posting.

I have since learned to be interactive.  Interactivity is important because people want to interact.  You don’t want a dictator like Qadaffi, Mubarak, or Bloomberg.  You want a leader who is listening to you.  You also want to know that you are being listened to.

There are various media which you can follow me;

Telepathy (I am the ONLY residential candidate who offers communicating through telepathy!)




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Et tu, Jimmy?

Running for President has just become a lot harder.  It was bad enough running against President Obama and whomever the Republicans conjure up.  Now I am running against a viable candidate.

Jimmy McMillan has announced he is running for President as a Republican candidate.  He received more votes for governor of one state in 2010 (New York) than I did for president in 2008 in 50 states.  If you watch the video, you will see he has had no problem getting women for his video.  I only need one woman, and she doesn’t have to have me in the video if she doesn’t want me in it.

I am about to head down to Washington for Christmas.  I will be spending the holiday with my parents, my daughter Patricia, and some disgruntled Senate staffers.  There will be no blog entries tomorrow or Sunday.  Merry Christmas from the entire Ahmnodt Heare for President campaign team!

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A Couple of New Ads

Here are a couple of ads I made recently.  Feel free to share with others!



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Capitals Eliminated and Contrasting Them to Me

Last night’s game between the Capitals and the Montreal Canadiens was the most painful experience since “Small Wonder” was cancelled.  The Capitals had the best record in hockey with a 54-15-13 record and 121 points.  They had home ice advantage throughout the playoffs.  They blew it.  Big time.

The Capitals and I contrast in many ways even though they have been my favorite team since seeing them play in Landover, MD as a child.

  • The Capitals have an overabundance of talent.  My campaign is basically limited to my talent.
  • They have had a ton to television exposure.  I’ve had a few hundred hits on YouTube
  • They were picked by many hockey pundits to win it all.  I have yet to be mentioned by the political pundits.
  • The Capitals have made a lot of money marketing the way they market.  I have saved a lot of money marketing the way I have.

There is something the Capitals and I have in common:  We will both be golfing tomorrow.

Lesson learned for the day:  You can have all the tools and end up with nothing or you can have none of the tools and end up with everything.

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The Cinemafia Strikes Back

Some time ago, I posted a video about the Cinemafia holding a secret meeting.  Yesterday, they were successful in having YouTube pull that video off line.  This used to be the video.

But instead, you see this when trying to view any video that criticizes the Cinemafia.

The Cinemafia has made YouTube pulled all criticisms of it including the video posted by Ahmnodt Heare.

Constantin Films, the Munich branch of the Cinemafia, covered their tracks by having YouTube pull all of their meetings off of YouTube, including the meetings posted on their own channel.

Let me assure you that the fight is far from over and that together, we can bring the Cinemafia to its knees and make movies affordable again.

I will be posting the transcripts to the Cinemafia’s meeting later this week.

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Your Assignment

You’re probably scared by the title and I do not blame you.  However, this is an easy assignment and takes a minute or less.


(but replace “you_tube” with “youtube”.)

If you have a blog, take the link above and embed it in your blog entry.  You can write anything else you want with it.  All I ask is that you include this link (https://ahmnodtheare.wordpress.com/2010/04/14/your-assignment/) in the blog entry.  This will let me know that you have completed your assignment and I can place a gold star next to your name.  If you do not have a blog, then you can copy the YouTube link and post it on your FaceBook, MySpace, Adult Friend Finder, or other social networking website.  If you don’t believe in social networking, you can e-mail the link to some of your buddies who talk politics.

Please remember that I have declared my campaign to be a “penniless” campaign and that I will not be asking donations for the campaign because I do not plan on raising money or spending money.  This is a fiscally conservative campaign that is going to harness the power of the Internet to reach people.

I thank you for your continued support and for taking on this project.

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