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Headquarters moving to Michigan

The Ahmnodt Heare for President campaign is moving to Michigan during the week.  The campaign feels it can take advantage of John McCain’s campaign leaving the state.  Ahmnodt Heare will remind the good people of Michigan that John McCain bailed out of the state when times got tough.  He would also make sure people in Michigan don’t forget that Barack Obama didn’t want Michigan to count in the Democratic primary. 

While in Michigan, I will organize volunteers in Detroit and Sault Ste. Marie and have them monitor the border crossings making sure Canadian entertainers do not taint our country.


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  1. I will also coordinate an effort to get Jennifer Granholm impeached. The crisis in Michigan is the result of having a Canadian run your state.

    May she work at a Tim Horton’s making Timbits and poutine for a living.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | October 7, 2008

  2. We in occupied Michigan welcome you, Ahmnodt Heare.

    That said, we will hold your feet to the fire to make sure you deliver on your promise to help Lake Michigan’s Humpback Dolphins.

    Comment by sirsatire | October 7, 2008

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