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Here We Go Again!

I tried to live a normal life, but I was not meant to have a normal life.  Some people can’t work a  9:00AM until 5:00PM job.  A few people can’t eat ordinary processed foods due to various allergies and ailments.  There are even people who insist on setting up a roll of toilet paper with the paper to pull down in front of the roll.

Every time I try to resume a normal life away from politics, something happens and people feel compelled to drag me back in the fire.  There were two things that happened in the last week that got people upset enough that they had to talk to me into running for President.

The first thing was President Obama proposing that voting be mandatory.  Many people are petrified that the only options on a Presidential ballot are Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush.  I know that the Libertarian, Green, Birthday, and other Parties will have candidates, but most people are conditioned to believe that there are only two candidates.

I mentioned the second point in my most recent blog entry.  My biggest fear with a Ted Cruz “presidency” is that Stephen Harper will be the de facto President of the United States.  If you have seen how badly he is running Canada, there is no way you’d want him to be running our country.

It will take me a while before my campaign is fully operational.  My first order of business is to find a volunteer campaign manager who is not currently in prison or living on a commune because he or she found Harry Kirshner.Hare Krishna.  The campaign should be fully operational by the second weekend of April.


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Obama the Genius

I never thought I would say this, but Barack Obama is a genius.  People (including I) have been criticizing his foreign and health care policies.  But from what I had to figure out, he has tied the two together to keep Americans safe.  Here’s how:

ISIS – Rumor has it that there are ISIS troops in Mexico and are soon to invade the United States.  Even President Obama knows that drone strikes can’t be done in the United States like they have been done in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.  And sending the troops needed to protect the border isn’t as feasible as one would think as there isn’t enough housing for all of the troops.  So how does he stop ISIS from becoming a terror nightmare?

He stops ISIS be sending Ebola patients to the border.  That’s why there are Ebola patients in Texas.  The females will be disguised as ISIS sympathizers and slip the fighters tongue and other ways to send their bodily fluids into the bodies of ISIS.  They get sick and they die.

Well played, Obama.  Well played.

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Ang mga Ahmnodtophobic Media

I will present recent blog entries in other languages from time to time to let non-English speaking Americans feel like part of the campaign team.  This is also an invitation for non-Americans to write a letter to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in his or her country and demand that they be allowed to be able to vote for the leader of the free world.  Today’s entry is in Filipino.  

Ay kong ipakita ang mga kamakailang mga entry ng blog sa iba pang mga wika sa pana-panahon upang ipaalam sa mga hindi nagsasalita ng Ingles Amerikano pakiramdam tulad ng bahagi ng koponan ng kampanya. Ito ay din ng isang imbitasyon para sa mga di-Amerikano upang magsulat ng isang sulat sa US Embassy o Konsulado sa kanyang bansa at pangangailangan na sila ay pinapayagan upang bumoto para sa mga lider ng ​​libreng mundo. Entry Ngayon ay sa Pilipino.


Takot sa akin ang media, ang aking kampanya, at ang aking mga tagasuporta. Ang ilang pagbanggit ako makakakuha ng mula sa media gumawa hindi banggitin na ako tumatakbo para sa Pangulo ng Estados Unidos. Subukan sila upang gawin itong tulad ng aking trabaho ay Kabayo at maraming surot manggagawa sa linya ng pagpupulong o ilang iba pang mga obselete trabaho. Mas madalas kaysa sa hindi bagaman, pinili nilang huwag pansinin akin. Ito ay totoo lalo na sa mga isyu sa kung nasaan ako malakas kaysa sa alinman sa Obama o Romney.

Narito ang iyong pagkakataon upang patunayan sa akin mali. Maaari mong subukan ang isa o higit pa sa mga sumusunod na mga ideya:

  • Email ng sulat sa editor ng iyong lokal na pahayagan. Sulat ay dapat isama kung bakit sumusuporta mo (o pang-aaba) aking kampanya. Mangyaring isama rin ang link http://tinyurl.com/ahmnodt sa iyong liham. (Ang link ay ang pinaikling url para sa blog na ito.)
  • Tumawag ng pampulitika talk palabas. Kung ang host ay pakikipag-usap tungkol sa isang tukoy na paksa, sabihin sa tawag screener kung bakit Ako mas mahusay na isyu kaysa sa anumang iba pang mga kandidato. Kung ang paksa ay tungkol sa Obama o Romney, sabihin sa kanya kung bakit Ako ng isang mas mahusay na kandidato. Kung ito ay tungkol sa isang debate, igiit na ako pinapayagan sa mga hinaharap na debate.
  • Pumunta sa isang lokal na “maghawak” may pasubali o isang sawayin ang pagkakagulo at magdala ng “Heare Ahmnodt para sa Pangulo” sign. Subukan upang makakuha ng isang media photographer upang gumawa ng isang larawan ng sa iyo na may sign.Kung hindi iyon gumana, kumuha ng isang blogger upang kumuha ng larawan gamit ang kanyang telepono.
  • Tumawag ng press conference. Tawagan ang iyong lokal na media outlet at ipahayag na ikaw ay may hawak na isang press conference sa isang tiyak na oras. Ipahayag na ikaw ay endorsing at pagboto para sa Ahmnodt Heare sa paparating na halalan.Kung hinihiling nila para sa impormasyon ng contact, sabihin sa kanila ang aking impormasyon ng contact sa aking blog.

Kung hindi ka nabanggit sa pahayagan mangyaring i-scan ang pagbanggit at e-mail ang file sa ahmnodtheare@politician.com. Kung ito ay sa web, mangyaring e-mail sa akin ang link o ibahagi ang mga ito sa ang mga komento na seksyon sa ibaba blog entry na ito.Salamat sa iyo para sa patuloy na suporta.

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Symbols in Politics

Symbols have been a part of politics for years.  They were originally used in elections so that illiterate people would know who to vote for.  Below are some political symbols used over the years.

Hammer and Sickle - Communism

This symbol was all over the place in 2008. As the result, we now have Barack Obama as president.

I have decided to have an image of my own. It is a perfect reflection of my campaign. It is simple, but gets to the point. It is refreshing. It is my initials.

AH! - Refreshing!

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How to pass a Balanced Budget #iowagopdebate

Passing a balanced budget is easy.  It’s just a matter of spending money you don’t have.  I will not cook you dinner or mow your lawn like Tim Pawlenty will if anybody can find President Obama’s plan

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Where Was I?

I get much of my inspiration to blog from the shenanigans  in our nation’s capitol.  When everybody in Washington is on vacation, then there is not much to write about.  Congresspeople call their time off “State Work Period” but most of them won’t have to work hard as the cards are set in their favor to be re-elected.

People like to harp on President Obama for heading to Cape Cod for ten days.  But if Congress is on vacation, there isn’t much for a president to do.  There’s nothing to sign into law or to veto because nobody is around to write laws worth signing into law or vetoing.  He can make an executive order from anywhere.  It’s one of the cool things about being president.

The one thing a politician has done in the last month that I have been able to comment on was when New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino stole a portion of my platform.

I was able to do some campaigning this past weekend and will be making a campaign stop in Sterling Forest, NY near the New York Renaissance Faire.  I will not be campaigning inside the Faire grounds because the sight of men wearing tights makes me queasy.

I am back and will be around for a long time.

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Is Snooki an Ahmnodt Heare Supporter?

I have to admit that I haven’t watched “Jersey Shore.”  It is one of those things that those of us in the Jersey mountains care for.  There is a mutual resentment between the people of shore and the people of the mountains.

Snooki is a member of the “Jersey Shore” cast.  It is basically a show about stereotypical “Guidos” and “Guidettes.”  Most Italians go out of their way to shun the “Guidistic” lifestyle.  Italians have spent years fighting the “mafioso” stereotype only to get the “Guido” lable shoved down their throats.

Although I have never watched an episode of “Jersey Shore”, I have seen Snooki on the news and on various other shows.  She has a nice tan and would be the ideal candidate for the “Ahmnodt Girl” videos.  She used to get her tans at tanning salons until the federal government started charging a 10% tax on tanning.  Snooki added that John McCain would have never have voted for a 10% tanning tax because he is pale, unlike President Obama.  I am against the tanning tax for a different reason.  I am against it because it unfairly discriminates against those who do not have northern European ancestry.  It does that because northern Europeans are paler and get more tan for their tax dollars.

I received an e-mail from a supporter that made Snooki’s fight against the tanning beds to my fight against the CineMafia.  We have both taken on topics that the mainstream media is not talking about.  We both have a support base because we have championed causes that the media has chosen to ignore.

While we have fighting unhyped causes in common, this does not make Snooki a supporter of my campaign.  This does not mean I would not welcome her to the campaign with opened arms.  I could even find her a vacant Cabinet head position should she decide to join my campaign.

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