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2012 in Review – February

February was a mixed month.  The good news was that I received an endorsement from Donald Trump’s toupee and the celebration of the fourth anniversary of this blog.

The bad news was that there were over 800 Republican debates in February and I wasn’t invited to any of them.  My father took me he was going to introduce me to Mitt Romney during CPAC.  It turned out to be a man named Mitch Rodney, who was also running for President.

February is when people realized I was too liberal to be conservative and too conservative to be liberal.  I was penned as an “extreme moderate” by myself.   I showed that I was the candidate of moderation and common sense.  (Yet I received fewer votes than either Obama or Romney.)

February was the month of TAMPON (Take All Money Political Out Now), the first and only SuperPAC to support the campaign.  As demonstrated by this ad,  they were as fiscally conservative as I am.


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Gaining Traction

This says it all in my opinion.

Lesson of the Day: If you plug away at something long enough, people will take notice.  It may take longer than you like and it may not be the people you were hoping would notice, but you have to start somewhere, plant those seeds, and put together those building blocks.

I am pleased to announce that my campaign had some publicity this week.  Unlike the other publicity pieces, this was not written by anyone on my campaign staff, my running mate’s staff, or by Stephen King.  It was written by a Ron Paul supporter who had nothing but nice things to say about my campaign.

There are still four and a half months left until Election Day.  I still think I can win.  Here is why:

People are not thrilled with either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney being our next President.   Those who are voting for Obama or Romney are only doing so out of fear that the other guy will win.  Their supporters tend to type talking points more than speak from their hearts.  Talking points don’t bring enthusiasm to a campaign.  My campaign has no talking points and my supporters are smart enough to speak about the issues in their own words.

You can vote for a sound-bite candidate who is bought by AIG or McDonnell-Douglas but raises money from citizens in a vain attempt to allow you to influence them with money or you can vote for the candidate who doesn’t want your money and believes in discussing the issues and not fodder that sounds good on TV.  Vote for Ahmnodt Heare.  Ahmnodt Heare for America.  Ahmnodt Heare for You.

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Back on the Air


Tonight at 11:00PM Eastern

10:00PM Central

9:00PM Mountain

8:00PM Pacific

7:00PM Alaskan

5:00PM Hawaiian

12:30AM (Tuesday morning) – Newfoundland

I will give an update to my campaign as well as offer insight to what presidential candidates Obama, Romney, and Supreme are doing and why I am the only candidate worthy of your vote.  Feel free to call in during the show at 347-945-7487.  This show is scheduled to go 30 minutes.

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Here Now the News

I am able to pick up on most things before anything else.  What I was told today seemed to be one of those things I should have figured out right away, but ended up being the last person to know.  (Like the person who finds out his or her spouse has been cheating for years.)  I was told today that the media will make ANYTHING a news story just to make sure word of my candidacy and my campaign never makes it to the news.

There is a lot happening in the world, but three stories have been dominating the news all week.  One is somewhat understandable as it involves the President of the United States (The current one, Barack Obama, not the future one, Ahmnodt Heare.)  President Obama had flipped-flopped “evolved” his views about gay marriage and decided to favor it.  “Tanorexic Mom” and “Stripper Hot Dog Vendor” were also news stories, though neither of those stories will affect more than four or five people.  The latter two stories are only news stories because the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know I am a candidate for the President of the United States.  I believe this is because the same people who own the news networks also own the motion picture studios.

The alternative media hasn’t treated my campaign any better.  Instead of focusing on people who can solve problems (me), they chose to conjure all kinds of conspiracy theories.  Everything from the “second shooter” to “inside job” to “new Coke” were discussed in painful detail with little chance to hear the solutions I have to offer.

It is this reason (among others) that I have said in the past to “Tell all of your friends and half of your enemies about my campaign.”  The media won’t mention me, and because I am not a millionaire, I still have to work for a living and cannot campaign 24 hours a day 7 days a week like Obama or Romney.  I can’t give speeches on the floor of the House of Representatives like Ron Paul.  I can’t even find a boot that fits on my head like Vermin Supreme.  I am just one man on a mission to make America better than Belarus.

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Important Message for North Carolina Democrats

Tuesday is North Carolina’s Primary in North Carolina.  President Obama has assured himself enough delegates to be the Democratic Party’s nominee.  There is a very important issue at stake this Tuesday that needs your vote.  It is on Amendment One.  (The Same-Sex Amendment).  North Carolinians will be voting on this issue regardless of party affiliation.  I am appealing specifically to Democrats for two reasons:

  • Democrats are more likely to vote “No” on Amendment One than Republicans are.  Republicans are going to go to the polls on Tuesday even though Mitt Romney is the presumptive nominee.  Ron Paul is still in the race and his supporters will vote.  The question with Ron Paul supporters is will they be the Republican Ron Paul supporters who agree with him that marriage is between a man and a woman or the Libertarian supporters who believe that the state has no business in marriage whatsoever.  Mitt Romney supporters will show up to the poll because the last thing they want to hear is that their man lost to Ron Paul.  Romney supporters will more than likely vote “yes”.  I support gay marriage.
  • Barack Obama is running unopposed but there are plenty of Democrats who are not happy with Obama’s Republican tendencies.   (His foreign policy, including still being in Afghanistan, his signing into law keeping the Bush tax cuts, signing SIPA into law, further erosion of liberties at airports, etc.)  These are all tell-tale signs that people might think he is a Republican.  I am against all of these things and more.  Send a message to Barack Obama and write in “Ahmnodt Heare” so he will know that you don’t want him to act like a Republican any more.

Remember to vote for “No” and write in “Ahmnodt Heare”.  (Not to be confused with “No to Ahmnodt Heare”.)

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A New Low

The more I unearth the diabolical plans of the Cinemafia, the more disgusted I become.  It started with the high prices of entertainment for subpar movies.  I wish it ended there as that is harmless as compared to the other things I have found out about them over the years:

  • Using underaged girls as sex symbols only to toss them aside once they turn 18 years of age.  These young women often end up living lives that often resemble a train wreck.  Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears. and others were once wholesome young girls who were pimped out by the Cinemafia by looking sexy before they were old enough to look sexy.
  • Having shows that are geared for children and adding sexual overtones.
  • It was recently discovered that children actors were used for sexual favors by casting members.

I have discussed all of this in the past.  While all of these are horrific, I am saddened that it doesn’t end there.  They are no longer satisfied by introducing Hollywood children to their perversions.  Now they are after your children.

"Princess" sippy cup erect for your child.

What was Disney thinking with the straw placement of the princess? I highly doubt it was a wholesome thought.

If you still go to movies or rent them after all of the evidence I have shown, then I am speechless.  Maybe I am just a prude who thinks that girls shouldn’t be subject to my sexual advances until they turn 18.  Personally, I prefer they are at least 21 years of age as alcohol makes it easier for women to be positively receptive to my advances.

I will continue to fight the Cinemafia and expose them for what they are, even if it is a fight I must fight alone.  They are so wrong on so many levels that it’s sad.  While Barack Obama is in Afghanistan and Mitt Romney is around America trying to convince people that he is a fun guy (or is it fungi?), I will fight the fight that must be fought.

Happy May Day from the entire Ahmnodt Heare for President campaign team!

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Mish-Mash of Stuff

These last few days have (for the most part) been unexpectedly busy.  A sporadic internet connection and an aging laptop didn’t help matters.  It didn’t matter much because I wasn’t home much except to sleep, shower, and the occasional poop.

Sunday – My campaign manager and a few of his friends somehow managed me to go to a Newt Gingrich meetup group in Warwick, NY.  The five of us outnumbered the three who showed up for the Gingrich meetup.  We were able to get one of them to quit supporting Gingrich and support my campaign.  The other two (an elderly couple) accused us of brainwashing their 53-year-old son.  If speaking the truth about Newt Gingrich’s record is brainwashing, then I suppose we were guilty.

Monday – I had a 9:30 business meeting with a client at his office.  I arrived at his office at 9:28 and waited in the waiting area.  There was a lot of commotion past the waiting room, but I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  At 11:00, I was told to return at 3:00.  The meeting did not last long.  The client was informed that I was running for President and told me he was no longer interested in my services.  When asked why, he gave the excuse that he felt my campaign would take away time from the project.  I told him I have been running since 2008 and had no problems with any projects from any of my clients in the past.  He didn’t to hear it and requested that I leave.  I noticed when I was in a parking lot that there was a car in his parking spot with a “Romney 2012” bumper sticker.

Tuesday – I went to the doctor’s for the test results from the previous tests that had to be taken over.  The good news is that I am finally cured from Simple Chronic Halitosis.  The bad news is that I have been diagnosed with COPD (Emphysema).  The doctor said that it was a result of smoking and sniffing glue.  I will never smoke while sniffing glue again.  I have learned my lesson.

Wednesday – Wrote this blog entry and started catching up on lost work.  I should be finished catching up tomorrow.


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